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Welcome! For information on the 2014 USA Pro Challenge bike race in Colorado, August 18-24, please go directly to the Pedal Dancer Guide Page at USA PRO CHALLENGE or the official race website. Thank you.


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    Cyclists riding Vail Pass today, not a cloud in the sky. click to enlarge Photo© By Karen at Pedal Dancer®



    Pedal Dancer® Recommended Rides in Colorado
    More of my favorite Road Bike Rides in Colorado
    • Copper Triangle (Copper Mountain, Leadville, Vail loop)
    • Squaw Pass/Mt Evans Loop
    • Lyons, Ward, Boulder Loop
    • Lyons, Allens Park, up Trail Ridge Road / Grand Lake
    • Deer Creek, High Grade, Turkey Creek area loop
    • Frisco, Keystone, Montezuma, Loveland Pass area
    • Cottonwood Pass between Crested Butte and Buena Vista
    • Deckers Loop
    • Colorado Monument
    • Independence Pass/Aspen
    • Maroon Bells + Castle Creek, Aspen
    • Grand Mesa and Paonia area
    • Altitude of the mountain passes in Colorado
    • Mount Evans: 14,160 ft (4316 m), 15%
    • Pikes Peak Highway: 14,115 ft (4302 m), 8%
    • Trail Ridge Rd: 12,183 ft (3713 m), 5.4%
    • Independence Pass: 12,103 ft (3689 m), 6%
    • Loveland Pass: 11,992 ft (3655 m), 6%
    • Hoosier Pass: 11,541 ft (3518 m), 8%
    • Slumgullion Pass: 11,361 ft (3463 m), 9.4%/7.9%
    • Fremont Pass: 11,318 ft (3450 m), 5.7%
    • Monarch Pass: 11,312 ft (3448 m), 6.4%
    • Vail Pass: 10,666 ft (3251 m), 7%
    • Leadville 100 course: low point is 9,200 ft (2804 m), highest point is 12,600 ft (3840 m)
    5280 Best Bike Rides, May 2013 edition
    Recommended Road Bike Rides in Colorado by 5280 Magazine

    Fr a list of 21 recommended road bike rides in Colorado by 5280 Magazine, please read: Cycling Routes in Colorado by 5280 or see rides listed below. Recommended Reading: Spin Cities in 5280 Magazine, By Lindsey B. Koehler:

    ... With dry roads and sunny days stretching out ahead of us, we’re joining the frenzy—and helping you do the same—by highlighting some of the best road cycling routes (for beginners and experts alike!) along the Front Range and in Colorado’s famed high country. Clip in and enjoy the ride."

    Features of the 5280 article:

    In her article recommending 21 bike rides in Colorado, Lindsey B. Koehler has listed the major nearby city, distance, difficulty level, maps, profiles, and most importantly - rest stops or happy hour locations near the routes. I enjoy a destination or loop ride, and this 5280 article offers plenty of choices. I could fill the year doing all these routes; there remains three I have yet to tackle.

    The list of 21 road rides in Colorado that made the Best of list according 5280 Magazine, Spin Cities:
    • Colorado Springs: The Ride: Cheyenne Cañon, Distance (Hard): 11.4 miles round-trip, (see the ride)
    • Colorado Springs: The Ride: Pikes Peak Highway (Hard), Distance: 60 miles round-trip, (see the ride)
    • Beaver Creek: The Ride: The Copper Triangle (Hard), Distance: 92 miles round-trip, (see the ride)
    • Beaver Creek: The Ride: Eagle River Ramble (Easy), Distance 27 round-trip, (see the ride)
    • Steamboat Springs: The Ride: Steamboat Springs to Lake Catamount (Easy), Distance: 22 miles round-trip, (see the ride)
    • Steamboat Springs: The Ride: Emerald Mountain Circuit (Moderate), Distance: 27.7 mile loop, (see the ride, pg 3)
    • Boulder: The Ride: Peak to Peak Highway (Moderate to Hard), Distance: 60 miles round-trip, (see the ride)
    • Boulder: The Ride: Neva Loop(Easy), Distance: 15.4 mile loop, (see the ride
    • Boulder: The Ride: Super James (Hard), Distance: 40 miles round-trip, (see the ride)
    • Boulder: The Ride: Boulder to Estes Park (Moderate), Distance: 78 miles round-trip, (see the ride)
    • Boulder: The Ride: Super Flag (Hard), Distance: 10 miles round-trip, (see the ride)
    • Boulder: The Ride: Magnolia (17%!)(Hard), Distance: 9 miles round-trip, (see the ride)
    • Boulder: The Ride: Carter Lake (Moderate), Distance: 65 miles round-trip, (see the ride)
    • Bellvue/Fort Collins: The Ride: Rist Canyon Loop (Moderate to Hard), Distance: 42 miles round-trip, (see the ride)
    • Bellvue/Fort Collins: The Ride: Centennial Drive Loop (Easy), Distance 22.7 mile loop, (see the ride)
    • Aspen: The Ride: Maroon Bells (Moderate), Distance: 18 miles round-trip, (see the ride)
    • Aspen: The Ride: Extended Maroon Bells (Hard), Distance: 52.9 miles on two branches, (see the ride)
    • Denver: The Ride: Confluence Park to Cherry Creek State Park (Easy), Distance: 28.4 miles round-trip, (see the ride) [I personally like the extension of the Cherry Creek Path from the Reservoir down past Parker].
    • Denver/Golden: The Ride: Lookout Mountain (Hard), Distance: 37.2 out and back, (see the ride)
    • Breckenridge: The Ride: Lake Dillon Loop (Moderate), Distance: 31 miles round-trip, (see the ride)
    • Breckenridge/Keystone: The Ride: Extended Lake Dillon (Moderate), Distance: 38.0 miles, (see the ride

    Recommended Road Rides in Colorado by Team Evergreen (a local bike club)

    See more information by Team Evergreen - Top 10 Local Rides

    Recommended Road Rides in Colorado by SteepClimbs (an out-of-stater!) offers a list of 13 rides including descriptions of his favorite climbs in the state: Colorado Climbs. A nice list for a rider from South Carolina.

    Recommended Road Ride climbs in Colorado (by a local!)

    Steve Garufi - Cycling Colorado 

    Recommended Climbing Guide to Colorado's mountain passes
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    Colorado Image of the Day (series)
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    Pedal Dancer - some of my favorite recommended LOOP rides in the world


    Cycling events and bike rides in and near Colorado and the western United States:

    2015: 2015 Colorado Cycling Events and Bike Rides
    2014-15: 2014-15 Colorado Cyclocross Race Calendar and Professional CX
    2014: 2014 Colorado Cycling Events and Bike Rides
    2014: 2014 Colorado Bike Race Calendar
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    2013 CX Race Dates: 2013-14 Colorado Cyclocross Calendar

    At the race in downtown Denver.  Photo by Karen Rakestraw of Pedal Dancer®


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    USA Pro Challenge (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)

    USA PRO CHALLENGE a collection of information and race reports from Pedal Dancer for the 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 USA Pro Challenge, professional multi-stage race in Colorado.


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        Tour of Utah



    Cycling Events / Races / Multi-Day Bike Tours in Colorado

    Sometimes the best riding can be found when someone else has already planned the route, it is a good idea to look at the routes these planned events use, also check out

    Race Name: USA Pro Challenge - professional stage race
    Read more about the race: USA PRO CHALLENGE

    Race Name: Tour of Colorado
    Don't confuse the USA Pro Cycling Challenge with The Tour of Colorado which has been a collection of local amateur and pro races in Colorado since 2008. It is not a stage race.

    Series Name: Tour of Colorado
    Dates: May through August
    Location: various cities in Colorado
    Races: The series is comprised of the Rocky Mountain Omnium in Glenwood Springs. North Boulder Park Criterium. Bob Cook Memorial-Mt.Evans Hill Climb. Sand Creek Air Force Academy Road Race, (Colorado Senior Road Championship).
    Who you will see: Local Colorado Category 4-1 racers
    Description: The name is Trademarked by Sand Creek Sports. Overall Awards are given for accumulated points in specified local races. Tour of Colorado is a series of existing Colorado races. Some races will be permitted with USA Cycling and some with the American Cycling Association. 

    In my Opinion: Just a name. They were hoping to sell the name to the Tour Organizers above, but didn't. The series matters to maybe 20 cyclists in the state who race all these events and have a chance at an award.

    Event Name: Bicycle Tour of Colorado (BTC)
    If you are a cyclist and interested in riding a week long bike tour across the state of Colorado:

    Dates: annually in June
    Location: various cities in Colorado, usually a loop route
    Who you will see: 1500 amateur cyclists capable of riding 60-100 miles per day.
    Description: 463 miles, 7 day fully supported bicycle tour in the Colorado Rocky Mountains over several big mountain passes.
    Read a previous blog post: Bicycle Tour of Colordo - revisited 

    In my Opinion:  Challenging week of long mountain passes and porta-potties.

    Bicycle Tour of Colorado

    June 21-28, 2014 - Bicycle Tour of Colorado, (week-long tour)
    7-day Loop ride Gunnison to Gunnison, Colorado

    A hard week on the saddle. You need to train well, ride steady, and be able to self support for this ride. Event organizers offer the usuals but riders are not pansied to as they are on Ride the Rockies. This is truly a ride, eat, rest, ride kind of week. I have a good friend doing this ride this year, so maybe I will have photos to share later. 

    Bicycle Tour of Colorado

    Event Name: Ride The Rockies (RTR)

    Dates: annually in June 
    Location: various cities in Colorado, a loop route or point-to-point route
    Who you will see: 2000 amateur cyclists capable of riding 60-100 miles per day
    Description:  The Denver Post Ride The Rockies is an annual bicycle tour that takes 2,000 cyclists, assisted by more than 100 volunteers, on a 6-7 day ride on paved roads through Colorado's Rocky Mountains each June. 400-530 miles. 
    Read a previous blog post: 

    In my Opinion: Fun, mod/hard, very social week, with 2000 cyclists of ALL abilities.

    Read a post about riding Ride the Rockies in 2008,Ride the Rockies - revisited and 2013 Ride the Rockies Route. Read all posts related to Ride the Rockies,  2014 Ride the Rockies Route.

    Ride the Rockies

    In its 30th year, this ride has a long history in the state with 2,000 riders vying for lottery entrance each year. Ron Kiefel and Nelson Vails have a tradition of joining the ride, this year George Hincapie will join in, as his brother Rich has been a regular for years. This is a casual social ride week with good climbs to please a pack of strong riders as well as tons of early starting moderate riders.

    RtR 2014 route map

    Event Name: Bike MS 

    Annually in June - Bike MS, Fort Collins
    Annually in August - Bike MS Wyoming, Colorado-Wyoming
    MS150 Colorado 2013 route map, link to larger view
    1. Westminster - Fort Collins, Saturday, 68, 73 or 102 miles, (overnight at CSU)
    2. Fort Collins - Westminster, Sunday, 66 or 75 miles

    Event Name: Triple Bypass 

    Annually in July - Triple Bypass, Evergreen-Avon  

    Triple Bypass: 120 miles, 10,000 ft elevation gain, 1 day
    Double Triple Bypass: 240 miles, 20,000 ft elevation gain, 2 days

    what:    Triple Bypass
    where:  Bergen Park (Evergreen) to Avon, Colorado (or reverse)
    when:   annually in July. There is no mass start time. Start time is 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.
    who:     there will be 3,500 riders on the course on Saturday (traveling east to west) and 2,500 on Sunday (traveling west to east).
    why:     a chance to ride three huge Colorado Rocky Mountain passes (Squaw, 11,140'; Loveland, 11,990'; Vail, 10,560') on one 122-mile "lung-busting day"with over 10,600 feet of climbing. This is a ride event, not a race (there are no times given).
    how:     the event does have checkpoints (where you are unable to pass) where riders must show wristbands and helmet numbers to proceed.
    cost: Triple (one-way/either way): $150, Double Triple (two-way): $275
    Ride Reports: Colorado High - Squaw Pass. The Triple Bypass is a classic bike ride event every July in Colorado. For 23 years this event has been growing in popularity. Getting into the ride has become the real race. After the event sold out in 45 minutes in 2010, the event organizers at Team Evergreen have devised a new registration plan, entrance into the Triple Bypass is a two step process: pre-registration/drawing and then registration (if your name is drawn).

    Triple Bypass Route Maps:
    Triple Bypass Earth Map

    The Double Triple Bypass profile map - 240 miles, 20,000 miles climbing in 2 days.

    I recently located the profile for Mt Evans. This is the profile from Idaho Springs up to The top of Mount Evans. Sure makes it look easy. climb information on Mt Evans, Colorado
    Triple Bypass Climb information

    Squaw Pass: Pedal Dancer rides Squaw Pass
    Squaw Pass: MyBicycleRoutes
    Squaw Pass:

    Photo by Karen at PedalDancer

    Loveland Pass: Summit Biking
    Loveland Pass: SummitCove
    Loveland Pass: MyBicycleRoutes

    Photo by Karen at PedalDancer
    Vail Pass: CyclePass
    Vail Pass: MyBicycleRoutes

    Photo by Karen at PedalDancer

    Triple Bypass Images - pictures from past rides:

    Squaw Pass

    Photo by Karen at PedalDancer
    Photo by Karen at PedalDancer
    Photo by Karen at PedalDancer
    Photo by Karen at PedalDancer
    Photo by Karen at PedalDancer
    Loveland Pass
    Kenny Rakestraw climbing Loveland Pass   Photo by Karen at PedalDancer
    Kenny Rakestraw climbing Loveland Pass   Photo by Karen at PedalDancer
    Kenny Rakestraw at the summit of Loveland Pass   Photo by Karen at PedalDancer
    Summit on Triple Bypass day 2009,  Photo by Karen at PedalDancer
    Finish Area in Avon, Colorado

     Photo by Karen at PedalDancer
    Karen Rakestraw of Pedal Dancer riding the Triple Bypass on Loveland Pass in 2009