24 October 2010

More Pictures from Moab, Utah

Weekends playing in Moab, Utah

I am going to share with you more of what I would have experienced. I have collected some old photos from past trips to Moab, Utah. I thought I'd share the good side of any trip to Moab. Whether mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, rafting, or road cycling - Moab is usually pure fun. Forget about the falling off my bike last week and fracturing my pelvis in four places - today I am feeling much better thanks to my good friends who have been taking special care of me, calls from my family to cheer me up, advice from my sister-in-law who is a Physical Therapist, a few quality showers at the homes of friends, and better quality drugs!

I had a wonderful time this afternoon when a friend stopped by, helped me into his car, picked up a Latte, and then drove us around our neighborhood to look at the changing leaves and the architecture of the old and new homes. It was an awesome simple journey.

I still love bikes, and Moab.
For more information about mountain bike trails in Moab Utah: DiscoverMoab.com
Or visit Singletracks.com
To view some beautiful Photography of Moab, Utah or Bret Edge Photography
Information on rock climbing the Kor-Ingalls route on Castleton Tower
White Rim Trail Mountain Biking camp and ride multi-day trip
Skinny Tire Festival & Moab Century road cycling events
Moab Half Marathon Race Events
Arches National Park
Canyonlands National Park
Dead Horse Point State Park
Moab Hiking Trails

Fisher Towers, great hiking
The Priest and Nuns, and Castleton Tower - which I rock climbed a few years back
Moab Century Ride. The Moab Skinny Tire Festival is also lots of fun to attend
The Colorado River
Time to play - there is plenty of sand, and some water crossings
Typical Moab slickrock
Schaefer Canyon: the start of the White Rim Trail
Miles and miles of trails and views
White Crack
The Hogback
a Slot Canyon
BBQ steaks at camp for dinner
typical camp set-up
mountain biking along the Green River

Sag Wagon support & evidence of fun
Looking over toward Arches National Park
With Christy, Susan, Kerry, (and me) last weekend