25 November 2012

Colorado Cyclocross Photos

Race photos from last weekend

Tis' the season for cyclocross and this race had a run up. The Run Up from Hell they called it, and it was pure entertainment. Spectators gathered to watch riders attempt a steep half-frozen muddy hillside on a cool morning in Colorado. Most times I try not to post pictures that make people look bad, but in this case bad was good. How could I not laugh (and heckle) at people falling and slipping all over a hillside. I was laughing so much (and I was not the only one) my lens was shaking. Lots more pictures at this link from Big Ring Cyclocross, Parker, Colorado, November 24, 2012 - by Karen at Pedal Dancer. Or at 303Cycling.com
looks like they are taking the ridge
Gage Hecht
friends - a day at the race
See you next Sunday at Castle Cross (Castle Cross Gold).

Update 11/30/12: Also news from VeloNews: USA Cycling changes road and cyclocross upgrade requirements