07 June 2013

June in Colorado and the big rides begin

Ride the Rockies, Death Ride Tour, Bicycle Tour of Colorado, Bike MS

Several multi-day event rides begin this weekend in Colorado with thousands of cyclists expected to participate. For many this is what they have spent long miles training for - to ride day after day and to not have a care in the world other than to ride, eat, sleep and repeat. Event rides make the mountains of Colorado a vacation destination during summer months for both cyclists living in Colorado and those traveling to Colorado, eager to challenge themselves on big climbs while enjoying the company of other cyclists and having - sag support.

Some consider these tours bucket list rides. I have done Ride the Rockies, Bicycle Tour of Colorado, and MS 150, but never the Death Ride Tour. I had hoped to do it this year, but. Maybe someday.

Ride the Rockies 

June 8-15, 2013,  www.ridetherockies.com/
Read more: 2013 Ride the Rockies Route, By Pedal Dancer

In its 28th year, this ride has a long history in the state with 2,000 riders vying for lottery entrance each year. Ron Kiefel and Nelson Vails have a tradition of joining the ride, this year George Hincapie will join in, as his brother Rich has been a regular for years. This is a casual social ride week with good climbs to please a pack of strong riders as well as tons of early starting moderate riders.
2013 Ride the Rockies 7-day route map and profile.  click to enlarge
2013 Ride the Rockies Route - cities  (Saturday June 8, arrive in Telluride)  / (Prologue June 7, 8) *interactive maps (with profiles) of each day's route can be found at this link
  1. Telluride - Cortez : Sunday, June 9, 2013, 75 miles
  2. Cortez - Durango : Monday, June 10, 2013, 64 miles
  3. Durango - Pagosa Springs : Tuesday, June 11, 2013, 86 miles
  4. Pagosa Springs - Alamosa : Wednesday, June 12, 2013, 91 miles
  5. Alamosa - Salida : Thursday, June 13, 2013, 84 miles
  6. Salida - Canon City : Friday, June 14, 2013, 67 miles
  7. Canon City - Colorado Springs : Saturday, June 15, 2013, 46 miles

Death Ride Tour

June 8-10, 2013, www.deathridetour.com

The ride has doubled in size this year from 150 to 300 riders. This is a mandatory fundraising ride ($250 minimum). Riders stay overnight in hotels and share optional group dinners. The last day is the same route as the popular Iron Horse Bicycle Classic. Don't confuse this ride with THE Death Ride in California (3,500 riders). I have friends on this ride and they will definitely be sending photos since I have enjoyed riding with them on their training rides in preparation for this year's tour.
Death Ride Tour 2013 route map and profile
2013 Death Ride Tour route
  1. Silverton to Telluride, Saturday, June 8, 2013, 73.1 miles
  2. Telluride to Durange, Sunday, June 9, 2013, 111 miles
  3. Durango to Silverton, Monday, June 10, 2013,  48.3 miles

Bicycle Tour of Colorado

June 23-29, 2013, www.bicycletourcolorado.com

A hard week on the saddle. You need to train well, ride steady, and be able to self support for this ride. Event organizers offer the usuals but riders are not pansied to as they are on Ride the Rockies. This is truly a ride, eat, rest, ride kind of week. I have a good friend doing this ride this year, and he said he will send photos to share later. 

Bicycle Tour of Colorado 2013 route map
2013 Bicycle Tour of Colorado route
  1. Canon City 5,003' to Buena Vista, Sunday June 23rd, 7,954', 86 miles
  2. Buena Vista to Carbondale, Monday June 24th, 6,170', 91 miles
  3. Carbondale to Paonia, Tuesday June 25, 5,645', CO 58 miles
  4. Paonia to Crested Butte, Wednesday June 26, 8,885', 47 or 111 miles
  5. Rest day in Crested Butte, Thursday June 27
  6. Crested Butte to Salida, Friday June 28th, 7,080', via 12,126
  7. Salida to Canon City, Saturday June 29th, 55 miles
Newmont Bike MS 

June 29-30, 2013, www.bikecoc.nationalmssociety.org

A fund raising ride for Multiple Sclerosis ($400 minimum), these rides make you appreciate your health and contribute to a good cause. The ride is not difficult at all but those you will meet along the road will inspire. 
MS150 Colorado 2013 route map, link to larger view
2013 Bike MS route in Colorado
  1. Westminster - Fort Collins, Saturday, June 29, 2013, 68, 73 or 102 miles, (overnight at CSU)
  2. Fort Collins - Westminster, Sunday, June 29, 2013, 66 or 75 miles

Tip: These event rides can be a good source to study to determine which roads are good for cycling in a given area.

Colorado Cycling Event Ride Comparison - how long and how hard

  • 2013 Newmont Bike MS: 2 days, 134-177 miles. rolling hills, short climbs (open)
  • 2013 Ride the Rockies: 7 days riding, 513 miles, 20,399 ft elevation gain (avg 40ft+/mile but the most days) (registration closed Feb 2013)
  • 2013 Colorado Rocky Mountain Bicycle Tour: 6 days riding, 469 miles, 29,400 ft elevation gain (avg 63ft+/mile) (registration open) 
  • 2013 Copper Triangle: 1 day ride, 78 miles, 5981 ft elevation gain (avg 77ft+/mile) (open)
  • 2013 Triple Bypass: 1 day riding, 120 miles, 10,000 ft elevation gain (avg 83ft+/mile) (Sat full, Sun & Double open)
  • 2013 Iron Horse Bicycle Classic: 1 day riding, 50 miles, 6,700 ft elevation gain (avg 134ft+/mile) (Sold Out)
  • 2013 Death Tour Ride:  3 days riding, 232 miles, 16,500 ft elevation gain (avg 71ft+/mile) (Sold Out), The 3rd day of this ride is the Iron Horse Classic route.
  • 2013 Double Triple Bypass:  2 days riding, 240 miles, 20,000 ft elevation gain (avg 83ft+/mile) (open)
  • 2013 Bicycle Tour of Colorado 6 days riding, 438/502 miles, 35,139ft elevation gain (avg 80ft+/mile) (open)  
Other bicycle event rides on the calendar for June 2013 in Colorado include:

June 1, 2013 - Buena Vista Bicycle Festival 
June 2, 2013 -  Subaru Elephant Rock Cycling Festival Castle Rock 
June 8, 2013 - Pedaling for Parkinson's Denver 
June 8-10, 2013 - Death Ride Tour Silverton 
June 8-15, 2013 - The Denver Post Ride The Rockies  
June 9, 2013 - Pedal through the Puzzle (family fun) Colorado Springs
June 15, 2013 - Denver Century Ride
June 15, 2013 - G'Knight Ride, Longmont 
June 22, 2013 - Mountain Top Experience Ride Woodland Park 
June 23, 2013 - Black Forrest Classic Gran Fondo, Parker 
June 23, 2013 - Golden Gran Fondo
June 28-July 4, 2013 - San Juan Huts 200 (Mtb), Durango-Moab
June 29, 2013 - Boulder Sunrise Century Race
June 29, 2013 - Coco Century Ordway 
June 23-29, 2013 - Bicycle Tour of Colorado 
June 29-30, 2013 - Newmont - Bike MS, presented by Great-West Life
June 30, 2013 - The Silver Road Half Century Georgetown

There sure are a lot of bike rides to be done. See the full calendar at the Pedal Dancer®
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