09 June 2013

Event Rides

Hundreds and thousands of wheels rolling across the land

As my friends take to their long-awaited event ride routes, my brother Mike ran into an event on Mont Ventoux in France on Friday. As Mike climbed from Bedoin (his final day of tackling three different routes on the mountain), he was swarmed up by a large group of Dutch riders all in the same kit and riding a fundraiser for ALS.

All over this world event rides will keep cyclists engaged throughout the summer months. So good to think of all those cyclists getting out, getting some good exercise and having fun together.

From my friends Julie and AG riding on the Death Ride Tour from Silverton to Telluride, Colorado, USA. Also a fundraiser for ALS and the Children's Hospital in Denver:
Beautiful scenery - the famous blue skies of Colorado.  Photo by Julie
AG said " today started at 35 ended 104. Hot baby hot. Great and fun day." Photo by AG
From my friend Sue in Telluride beginning the Ride the Rockies event ride with a special rider:
Sue was excited to get to ride with George Hincapie. Photo by Scott of Sue
And very excited to ride with Nelson Vails, road and track cyclist and silver medalist in the 1984 Olympics.

From my brother Mike on Mont Ventoux, France:

"I rode up Ventoux from the Bedoin side on Friday. It was Dutch day. Thousands of Dutch on an Als charity ride. I knew nothing when I started but was soon passing endless Dutch all wearing the same kit. Fun day with tons of action on the road. Motos, groups of fans, Dutch TV." All Photos by my brother Mike

I'm not so sure this counts as having "climbed" Mont Ventoux.
A very nice destination for an event ride.

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I'm headed out to ride Vail Pass ...