19 March 2014

Photos of the Day - Lookout Mountain

Lookout Mountain is in Golden, Colorado

The Mountain has a big white M on it's face, that is because Colorado School of Mines sits at its base. So does the famous Coors beer production plant, which adds a distinctive aroma to the town of Golden, Colorado. This mountain climb is very popular with locals, it is short at only 5.1 miles in length, but worth including in a longer route.

Last Saturday I was on Lookout Mountain to photograph the inspiring racers who competed in the Oredigger Classic Lookout Mountain Individual Time Trial. It was cold and windy. I hiked all over the twists and turns of this well known local climb, I felt for those cyclists descending in the cold after such an effort. When I wasn't dancing to keep warm, I entertained myself by taking landscape photos in between racers.

This is Lookout Mountain. A climb to be included in this year's Golden Gran Fondo and possibly, not sure about, probably not, but has been included in the past - USA Pro Challenge.

Lookout Mountain. Photo by Karen Rakestraw of Pedal Dancer®
The famous pillars of Lookout Mountain mark the start of the climb.
You climb quickly above the town of Golden and the Colorado School of Mines below.
Before you know is you are on the bends
The sweeping bends of Lookout Mountain
There are days when you'll feel alone on Lookout Mountain. In good weather expect lots of cyclists.
Beautiful trees and natural cooling system as a cyclist climbs Lookout Mountain
It's just man and mountain on Lookout Mountain
And the view - from Lookout Mountain toward Boulder
It gets steep in parts
You'll start wondering how much further you have to climb right about here
The views begin to distract you
View of Coors Brewing Company from Lookout Mountain
View of Golden from Lookout Mountain
View of Denver from Lookout Mountain
This sign marks the official (post) top of Lookout Mountain climb, but it continues going up from here to Genesee Park.
You know you rode it right if you look like this at the end.
Then you get to descend
All the way back down this short but dramatic 5.1 mile climb.
Lookout Mountain Facts:
Length: 5.1 miles
Total elevation: 1,438 ft
Average Grade: 5.3% (7%)
Lookout Mountain climb is called Pillar to Post for the landmarks at the start and finish.

My photo album from the race  on March 15, 2014 can be seen here, race results from 2014 Lookout Mountain ITT here. The fastest time from pillar to (just short of) post was by Michael Burleigh of team Primal-Audi Denver with a time of 18"01'.

Here is Team Evergreen's suggested cycling route which includes the climb of Lookout Mountain:
Here is the route of the 2014 Golden Gran Fondo (June 28, 2014) - the toughest Gran Fondo in America!
Golden Gran Fondo route map link
One of my favorite photographs from the day:
If he can do it, so can you!