23 October 2011

Image of the Day: local cyclocross

What some cyclists do on weekends in Colorado
Alright that is my interesting artistic photo of the day (above), and yes the rider bunny-hopped those barriers. However this photo below (and that J.P. video linked under "bunny-hopped") might better depict the general mood of a local cyclocross race.
It's Boups with an "s"
This is Aaron Bouplon (Rocky Mounts), nickname Boups, a good local cyclocross racer, a character, and a fixture on the cyclocross circuit in Colorado. I laughed when I overheard one fan correcting another fan as they watched him race by, "it's Boups, with an "s" - otherwise you are calling him a "boup"." 

10/24/11 Update: I need to share this cyclocross photo tweeted yesterday by @ZdenekStybar
Zdenek Stybar takes air
Quote of the Day: "You thought you were going to die at the time, but now all you can think of is how much fun you had, and how you'd do it again if you could, how you'd do it differently next time. You're left, finally, with the feeling of joy and satisfaction that comes with self-inflicted torment—the essence of endurance sports."" Every Saturday or Sunday—or both—there's another race, with more joy, more pain, more passion, more satisfaction and another opportunity to create an amazing story to tell; a story about something you never want to experience while it's happening, but that leaves you with a feeling you long for once the anguish is passed. That is what cyclocross is all about. It's like real life, but better." ~ Adam Myerson in a recent featured article Why I race cyclocross for Bicycling.com.

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