19 November 2012

Cyclocross and Puppies

A Weekend of Cyclocross in Colorado

Now that I am back it Colorado - it was time to get back to some weekend cyclocross races! The weather was perfect and my camera cards empty, it was time to head out to watch riders hop, skip and jump their way around a random course set out in a local park. I took a bunch of pictures of cyclocross racers this weekend. Some turned out, some didn't. Still learning, but having a great time at it.

I went to the Bouder Racing Cyclocross Series #4 at Valmont Bike Park in Boulder, Colorado on Saturday, and to Alpha Cross in Centennial (South Denver) on Sunday. Saturday I took hundreds of photos I have yet to sort through completely, the day was sort of serious, racing in Boulder is sort of that way. Sunday was pure fun, mostly talking to friends, meeting new friends, taking some fun shots, enjoying perfect weather, and getting puppy kisses.

You know that kind of cyclocross day when everyone brings their dog? Well Sunday was that kind of day. Next weekend I hope the weather is good because I'm bringing my dog.

New puppies
Ron's new puppy Bella
Laurie and Brian's new puppy Ludo, with his big brother Ulle
Cyclocross Racers

Saturday at a cyclocross race in Boulder, Colorado
Sunday at a cyclocross race in Centennial, Colorado
The amazing 14-year-old Gage Hecht, competing in the SM Open category, a great cyclocross racer from Parker, Colorado
Four more weekends of cyclocross races on Saturday and Sunday and then the season will draw to an end, uwhh. Colorado Cyclocross Calendar

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