21 December 2013

Recommended Reading: Cold Cold Cyclocross

When is it too cold to race cyclo-cross? 

Pat Malach of CyclingNews.com asked this question over the past weeks and today wrote several opinions in an attempt to answer the question on so many people's minds.  With recent SRAM equipment failures in extreme cold temperatures and cases of frostbite to racers, this is a topic worth reading about.

The time has come when cyclocross races will definitely be canceled due to weather and humans will no longer sacrifice themselves to test equipment to its breaking point.

Read: When is it too cold to race cyclo-cross?

The SRAM recall announcement by VeloNews last week: SRAM recalls all hydraulic road disc and rim brakes

Some good clean - and cold - weekend fun in Colorado
Junior racers line up braving the cold to race cyclocross.  Photo by Karen Rakestraw at PedalDancer®