25 October 2010

Cycling Tours in Colorado

Okay let's make this clear

2013 Update: June in Colorado and the big rides begin
What is the Tour of Colorado, Colorado Pro Tour, Bicycle Tour of Colorado, Quiznos Pro Challenge, Transrockies, Ride the Rockies and all the other names in use right now to describe bike events going on in Colorado in 2011? A guide to finding what you are looking for, a list of Colorado bike tours: 
If you are interested in THE new UCI professional cycling race tour to be held in Colorado in 2011 - you want the Quiznos Pro Challenge
Race Name: Quiznos Pro Challenge
Website: http://quiznosprochallenge.com/ 
Dates: August 22-28, 2011
Location: stages and host cities were announced 11/04/10 - see the website or view the PedalDancer.com post on 11/04/10 Route of the 2011 Quiznos Pro Challenge  
Who you will see: the best ProTour Teams and cyclists in the world.
Description: 600 mile, seven day race through the most majestic and treacherous terrain Colorado and the Rocky Mountains have to offer. This is not called the Coors Classic 2011. This is not called the Tour of Colorado. This is not called the Red Zinger Classic. It is equivalent to the Tour of California, but it is called the Quiznos Pro Challenge.
Read a PedalDancer.com previous blog post on the Cities of the Quiznos Pro Challenge for more information.  
In my Opinion: Fun & excitement. The best of the best. Wouldn't miss it for the world!

Don't confuse it with The Tour of Colorado which has been a collection of local amateur and pro races in Colorado since 2008. It is not a stage race.
Series Name: Tour of Colorado
Website: http://www.tourofcolorado.com/ 
Dates: May through August
Location: various cities in Colorado
Races: The series is comprised of the Rocky Mountain Omnium in Glenwood Springs, June 17-19. North Boulder Park Criterium, July 10th. Bob Cook Memorial-Mt.Evans Hill Climb, July 23rd. Sand Creek Air Force Academy Road Race, Aug 14th (Colorado Senior Road Championship).
Who you will see: Local Colorado Category 4-1 racers
Description: The name is Trademarked by Sand Creek Sports. Overall Awards are given for accumulated points in specified local races. Tour of Colorado is a series of existing Colorado races. Some races will be permitted with USA Cycling and some with the American Cycling Association. 
In my Opinion: Just a name. They were hoping to sell the name to the Tour Organizers above, but didn't. The series matters to maybe 20 cyclists in the state who race all these events and have a chance at an award.
If you are a cyclist and interested in riding a week long bike tour across the state of Colorado, you have three choices:

Event Name: Bicycle Tour of Colorado (BTC)
Website: http://www.bicycletourcolorado.com/ 
Dates: June 19-25, 2011
Location: various cities in Colorado, usually a loop route
Route: the 2011 route was announced read: 2011 Bicycle Tour of Colorado - Route Announced 
Who you will see: 1500 amateur cyclists capable of riding 60-100 miles per day.
Description: 463 miles, 7 day fully supported bicycle tour in the Colorado Rocky Mountains over several big mountain passes.
Read a PedalDancer.com previous blog post: Bicycle Tour of Colordo - revisited 
In my Opinion:  Challenging week of long mountain passes and porta-potties
Event Name: Ride The Rockies (RTR)
Website: http://www.ridetherockies.com/ 
Dates: June 11 - 18, 2011
Location: various cities in Colorado, a loop route or point-to-point route
Who you will see: 2000 amateur cyclists capable of riding 60-100 miles per day
Description:  The Denver Post Ride The Rockies is an annual bicycle tour that takes 2,000 cyclists, assisted by more than 100 volunteers, on a 6-7 day ride on paved roads through Colorado's Rocky Mountains each June. 400-530 miles. 
Read a PedalDancer.com previous blog post: Ride the Rockies - revisited 
In my Opinion:  Very social week with 1000's of cyclists of ALL abilities
Event Name: Colorado Rocky Mountain Bike Tour 
Website: http://www.crmbt.com/ 
Dates: August 7-13th, 2011 (4 day or 7 day options)
Location: Glenwood Springs, Hotchkiss,  Grand Junction, Gunnison, Buena Vista
Who you will see: amateur cyclists capable of riding 60-100 miles per day
Description: The CRMBT is a fully supported 493 mile road bike tour that starts and ends in the same location. Seven days of great riding in the Colorado Rocky Mountains begins and ends in Grand Junction.  
In my Opinion:  I have no opinion, I've never done it, don't know anyone who has.
*All of these week-long event rides have options for local hotels or inns, indoor or outdoor camping, or camping services. Local or catered meals. Supported with route maps, Aid Stations, bike repair service, medical services, a clearly marked route, sag vans, and massage tents. Bags are moved every day to the designated daily site, or, may be dropped at various local sites, hotels, etc.. Other services may be available.  
If you want to run across the state of Colorado: 
Event Name: Transrockies Run    
Website: http://transrockies.com/transrockiesrun/
Dates: August 21-26, 2011
Location: Buena Vista to Beaver Creek 
Who you will see: incredibly strong trail runners
Description: 200 teams of two and 50 RUN3 solo runners will take on the Colorado Rockies for a running experience like no other. During the six days of the GORE-TEX® TransRockies Run, runners from all over the world will run, eat and live together as they cover 115 miles of spectacular scenery, fully supported by a dedicated and professional Event Team who will look after all aspects of their food, accommodations and on-course support. 
In my Opinion:  My good friend Monica will be running the event this year. She is FIT!

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