30 September 2010

Predictions for Worlds

For Pro Cycling Fans this is a good read
Trying to predict who will win the road World Championships on Sunday?

29 September 2010

What happens when a winner is a loser

Alberto Contador is now accused of taking drugs
The winner of the 2008, 2009, 2010 Tour de France is about to generate huge amounts of bad press for the sport of cycling. What happens when a winner of the Tour de France is found guilty of doping? Well first he denies it, makes up a far-fetched excuse, then he goes to court, finally his titled is taken away, and he is banned for 2 years from competing in the sport of cycling (and in Alberto Contador's case he misses out on his 4.5 million euro a year salary). This all takes years, by then no one can remember who came in second. 
History tells us the sad story of a Tour de France winner named Floyd Landis from 2006. And so the story goes ... TDF winner denies allegations of doping, collects over 1 million dollars from fans during a "free floyd" defense campaign. Writes a book, earns more money, tells his own Mennonite Mother he is innocent, and spends a reported 2 million in legal costs and expenses. When he finally hears 14 months after winning the Tour de France in Paris, that he has lost his case and will be stripped of his Tour de France Title, he walks upstairs in his home in California and throws his prized Tour de France trophy off of his balcony shattering it into pieces. He is disgraced, labeled a cheater, and ostracized by most of his friends. A few friends stick by him, fans try hard to believe in his innocence, his Mother begins to doubt him, his marriage begins to crumble, he begins to drink even more. After a two year ban his return to racing is not going so well. He has jeopardized the reputation of other professionals. He has no money to pay anyone back, not the Sponsors, not the Tour de France, not the fans.
Frustrated and feeling as if no one else has had to suffer the toll he has, he begins to talk and write and speak - too much. No one is taking him seriously. He becomes angry. He finally admits his own guilt, he was a Doper and admits to spending over $90,000 a year on performance enhancing drugs, he claims everyone did it. Now his Mother is really pissed and his friends won't even talk to him, fans ridicule him and no one invites him to come race a bike anymore. So he talks even more, he offers details and accuses others. He has found his purpose, he becomes fully committed to bringing the same misery to others. The End. Only I wish it was the end.
I want a new sport to follow, this one is SO not fun anymore.
just so we start remembering now ... Andy Schleck came in second in the 2010 and 2009 Tour de France. Cadel Evans came in second in the 2008 Tour de France.
I know you want to read about the Tour de France prize money again so here you go. How much do they make for winning the Tour de France. By tradition, a team's winnings are pooled and shared among the riders and support team. A team's prize money is not awarded if a rider of the team tests positive during the Tour de France.

Maybe we need to hire Accountants instead of Lab Technicians to catch dopers. Just a thought.

Cycling The Peak to Peak Highway

Recommended Ride in Colorado: Boulder - Lyons - Ward Bike Loop
I did a classic climb in the Boulder area this past weekend, the first time I had ridden in Boulder County all year. In the foothills between Boulder and Rocky Mountain National Park stretches a 48.5 mile ride along the Peak to Peak Scenic Byway. The loop ride is popular with Pro cyclists training in the area, groups of motorcyclists, and various Cycling Events. It is also known for catching people off-guard in cold weather or winds. On this day the Aspen trees were changing color, and it was very warm at 9500 feet.

The ride begins on Hwy 36 on the outskirts of Boulder, Colorado, and heads north to the town of Lyons. Lyons has a visitors center in a small park (with a water fountain), a brewery, and a nice coffee shop on the back street (The Stone Cup, 442 High St). The real climb begins in Lyons and continues up S. St Vrain Canyon (Hwy 7), through a beautiful winding rock canyon, with a river. There is car traffic on this road, but the shoulder is wide enough. 

Take a left turn off of Hwy 7 to the town of Raymond and be sure to buy water, there isn't much more until you reach the town of Ward. After the discovery of Gold nearby, Ward was one of richest towns in the State of Colorado in 1860. Today Ward is a small shabby town, well-known for it's General Store (and picnic table outside) and the tickets given to cyclists who don't stop at the town's 2 stops signs. 
I didn't see too many people out today, it was super hot. Six cyclists total heading up the canyon, one was in a full-out lime green and navy Liquigas kit (without a helmet). He really stood out as he passed me by in no man's land on Hwy 72. I had stopped in the shade to take a photo (that was an excuse) and a goo, he asked if I was "going up" (as if I had a choice), I said "sometime soon," and we both laughed. It was a hot, and quiet ride. In fact so quiet, that not one car passed me during the entire descent down from Ward. I saw 2 other riders as I reached the intersection of Left Hand Canyon Rd. That was it.
The climb up was challenging and filled with good views. The ride down was boring! 
I am riding new Maxxis road tires on my Mavic Cosmic Carbonne wheels and the combination together is so fantastic that my Scott bike corners and rolls like a dream. All I had to do was rest on the handlebars and change my foot position. I kept reminding myself to look at the pretty trees, look at the pretty river, but about half way through the descent down Left Hand Canyon, I sighed and thought, maybe I should have brought a magazine. It was a long (way too long) 16.5 mile steady (avg 4% grade) descent. 
When the wild-flowers are in bloom or you are with a pack of riders, this is a nice coast downhill. Otherwise there are so many other fantastic descents in Colorado with fun technical turns and rapid speeds that are much better (every person in Boulder is going to argue with me - but they need to get out more). The Boulder-Lyons-Ward loop is all about the ascent, the funky towns, and the majestic scenery at the top - that is plenty to make it a recommended ride in Colorado. 

Some photos of the ride: this is the area around Boulder, Colorado (the mountains are behind me, Nebraska is in front of me)
Interesting views up St Vrain Canyon

The road to Raymond, Colorado. To say that the Raymond General Store is "funky" inside, is being kind. It's kind of scary in there, but a good place for water or Gatorade.
There is an inordinate amount of purple paint used for house trim in Boulder County, and weird art:
Very beautiful scenery
The next stop is the Millsite Inn, a popular stop for friendly motorcyclists (road cyclists tend to regroup here, the town of Ward is just up the road, as is Brainard Lake - another option to add some miles and scenery). 
More weird Art and the General Store in Ward. From here - it is all down hill.
Map of the Boulder-Lyons-Ward Loop bike ride:
*If you cycle in Boulder County, avoid Hwy 66/36 from Lyons to Estes Park (heavy tourist traffic) and Hwy 119/Boulder Canyon (high speed heavy traffic from Nederland with local drivers who don't like cyclists on their road). The road to Jamestown is a nice ride. 
SuperJames is another steep ride above Jamestown; more info at map and photos on Bicycling.
Peak to Peak Hwy – north from Nederland to Allenspark. Four miles north of Nederland sustains an average grade of 7.7%for two miles. The return trip from Allenspark has 7.5% for one mile (three miles south of Colo. 7)

* the recent tragic fires in Boulder CO were located west of town between Gold Hill and the mountains south.
* the recent tragic floods in Boulder County greatly damaged Lyons, St Vrain River Valley, and Jamestown. 

27 September 2010

26 September 2010

Quiznos Pro Challenge - Colorado, August 2011

A real Pro Tour coming to Colorado!  

The Route of the 2011 Quiznos Pro Challenge was announced Thursday, November 4, 2010:
11/4/10, The Stages and Host Cities of the 2011 Quiznos Pro Challenge were announced 
    Quiznos Pro Challenge Route 2011:
    The 2011 Quiznos Pro Challenge Stages
        August 22 - Stage 1, Prologue time trial, Colorado Springs
        August 23 - Stage 2, Salida to Crested Butte, mountain-top finish
        August 24 - Stage 3, Gunnison to Aspen, mountain stage
        August 25 - Stage 4, Vail, time trail, former Coors Classic stage
        August 26 - Stage 5, Avon to Steamboat Springs
        August 27 - Stage 6, Steamboat Springs to Breckenridge
        August 28 - Stage 7, Golden to Denver

    Race information:

    Race dates and routes, what teams are attending, which racers will be racing, recommended viewing and riding, Pedal Dancer.com USA Pro Cycling Challenge information page.
    • Read more at the official website: Quiznos Pro Challenge
    • Quiznos Pro Challenge Official Press Release on Podium Insight
    • Official Tour Route and Map to be announced in the coming months
    • The location and description of the Host Cities can be seen on a Quiznos Pro Challenge Map 
    • Read other PedalDancer.com posts about the old Quiznos Pro Challenge new USAPCC
    • Read the race details here on my recent post today 11/4/10, 10:45am.
    •  More information about other Cycling races and events in Colorado in the summer of 2011 including Bicycle Tour of Colorado and Ride the Rockies.
    (original post from September 26, 2010)
    I really think they should stop referring to the old Coors Classic in referencing the new Quiznos Pro Challenge. Isn't that giving free PR to Coors, and isn't that really old school by now? The old Coors Classic course hardly resembles itself now that suburbs and gambling towns have been built on it's path in the past 22 years. It's outdated - let's move on. Let's give Quiznos all the attention they deserve, they are the ones willing to sponsor the race.
    This is a new race with new riders and a chance for Colorado to shine. This past week was the deadline for Colorado towns and cities to submit their bids to host a stage start or finish of the Tour. It will take weeks to review the choices and plan the final route of the Quiznos Pro Challenge. In a recent blog post, I listed the cities that are known to have submitted a bid for 2011. I'm not going to say much more until after, I make either new friends or my own hotel reservations along the route.
    The most interesting announcement about the race is that the Tour of Utah and the Quiznos Pro Challenge will be one week apart on the race calendar. Both races are applying to be UCI 2.1 sanctioned races in 2011.
    The other interesting announcement is the new logo image for the bike race. Reportedly it was designed to attract new American fans to the sport. I cannot help but notice the similarity of the logo to a few of our other popular sports. Ah marketing at it's best.
    Where you can find the Quiznos Pro Challenge online (good old fashioned urls):
    Website: http://www.quiznosprochallenge.com/
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/QProChallenge
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/QuiznosProChallenge#!/QuiznosProChallenge?v=wall 

    One great big World

    2010 UCI Road World Championships - September 29th to October 3

    We now look down under to Australia for the road world championships next week in Geelong, Australia. 
    World's Schedule: 
    Under 23 Men Time Trial, 31.8km, September 29, 10:00
    Elite Women Time Trial, 22.9km, September 29, 15:00
    Elite Men Time Trial, 45.8km, September 30, 13:30
    Under 23 Men Road Race, 159km, October 1, 13:00
    Elite Women Road Race, 127km, October 2, 13:00
    Elite Men Road Race, 263km, October 3, 10:00
    Who is not going to Worlds: Joaquim Rodriguez (currently the #1 rider in the world), Alberto Contador, Alexandre Vinokourov, Andy Schleck (he is on the roster, but not racing), Tom Boonen, local Australian Robbie McEwen (who was not selected for his National team). 
    Who is going to Worlds: Fabian Cancellara! (he's my fav), Tony Martin, Phillipe Gilbert, Thor Hushovd, Richie Porte, Cadel Evans (defending champion), Frank Schleck, Filippo Pozzato, Mark Cavendish, Oscar Freire, Denis Menchov, Matti Breschel, Nicolas Roche, and many others. Full List of Registered Riders 2010.
    PedalDancer.com photo of Fabian Cancellara at the 2010 Tour of California
    The U.S. Men's Elite Team selected for the 77th UCI Road World Championships in Geelong will be:
    Tyler Farrar, Danny Pate, Tom Peterson, Christian Vande Velde, David Zabriskie (Garmin-Transitions), Craig Lewis, Tejay Van Garderen (HTC-Columbia), Ted King (Cervélo), Jason McCartney (RadioShack). *no Lance Armstrong, Levi Leipheimer, George Hincapie, Chris Horner. *Zabriskie and Van Garderen will ride the time trial
    Who will win? CyclingNews.com gives this tip - "the climbing is in the last 180km as opposed to 3,076m being spread over the 260km distance. Therefore, the type of rider we were looking for is someone who would be quite successful in the Ardennes Classics."
    Keep up on the news at Steephill.TV:

    Geelong, Australia
    (yeah for automatic posts, because I am out on another bike ride in the fall foliage of Colorado)

    25 September 2010

    Motivation from the work of others

    Inspiration from a 22-year-old
    I was completely inspired by my nephew Kenny today. After Kenny experienced a mechanical in the middle of a big race today, he said in great spirits, "I'll rebound from this, I have another race next weekend and that will be a good end [of the season] for me. I had a good time while I was here, I came and did my best, I think I could have done pretty well in the run". Kenny was one of the youngest in a field of 48 pros triathletes. He said the field was so strong that a number of racers didn't show up. But there was Kenny in the midst of it. Traveling across the country to attend the USA Elite National Triathlon Championships in Georgia, he told me he felt scared the night before but ready to compete with the best in the Nation.
    "I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it".  Nelson Mandela said that. He also once explained that he finds "motivation in the work of others". For him it was a poem, for me it is witnessing someone's approach to achieve excellence, of their work
    We are all the same when it comes to daily worries and lifetime tragedies. We differ is in how we demonstrate our courage, fortitude, and disappointment. That is why I am a fan of sport. These qualities are in plain sight.
    I don't necessarily consider athletes celebrities, or being graced with more than I have, I have no jealousy. I am motivated and inspired when others do well. As my friend Stephanie often acknowledges, "When my friends achieve, it adds to my life". Winning is not necessary, although admired. What motivates me is watching the process of courage unfold with an honest outcome. Kenny had a very honest outcome today, and he triumphed. I am truly inspired by his approach. Eh, so he "pulled an Andy Schleck" as he said, next week is a new race.

    "Have a beer for me Kenny"

    *Post post: Kenny competed that next weekend and got 4th place in his first ever 1/2 Ironman distance Elite Triathlon race. Results for the: Scott Tinleys Adventures Triathlon Way to go Kenny!

    There is no accounting for taste, or Cyclocross

    Really horrible gear & really cool gear at Interbike

    First the good - Cyclocross season is fully upon us
    The US Gran Prix of Cyclocross begins today in Wisconsin. For cyclocross news I like reading Cycling Dirt - race schedules, videos, reports & news. Cycling Dirt is the source for livestream online today of the race in Wisconsin. Or Cyclocross Magazine. If you prefer one big compilation of everything cyclocross just pop up The Cyclocross News every morning with your morning coffee.
    Cross Vegas
    2010 CrossVegas: Francis Mourey’s winning LaPierre cyclocross bike
    Mourey came to the U.S. from France, for a two week stay, to specifically target the Cross Vegas cyclcocrosss race. Yet the Americans still got most of the coverage before and during the race. Including the beer being thrown by a spectator at Ryan Trebon during the final lap. Oh ya ... and the French guy won the race.  Don't worry Starcrossed Cyclocross got a good interview with Mourey last week in Redmond, Washington.  Or CyclePhotos.co.uk ebook of Francis Mourey.

    2010 Cross Vegas Top 10 results -

    1 Francis Mourey (Fra) Francaise Des Jeux 0:59:30
    2 James Driscoll (USA) Cannondale-Cyclocrossworld.com

    3 Gerben De Knegt (Ned) Rabobank - Giant Off Road Team 0:00:01
    4 Ryan Trebon (USA) Kona

    5 Christian Heule (Swi) Champion System LBS 0:00:02
    6 Jonathan Page (USA) Planet Bike

    7 Jeremy Powers (USA) Cannondale-Cyclocrossworld.com 0:00:03
    8 Lars Van Der Haar (Ned) Rabobank-Giant Off-Road Team 0:00:04
    9 Geoff Kabush (Can) Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain 0:00:08
    10 Adam Craig (USA) Rabobank-Giant Off-Road Team 0:00:10

    Now the bad - Interbike at it's worst
    A laugh and a shake of my head. Who would buy or wear this stuff?
    The coverage from Interbike was pretty bad this year. The report from the Cross Vegas race was even worse, but reports and film are trickling in. There are a couple of sites worth looking at: sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words and that might be true for Interbike. For a visual summary, Competitive Cyclist compiled a pretty good flickr page of photos of the new bike equipment on display at Interbike 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Interbike Interviews: this interview is going into my file of Worst Interviews ever. A definite do not in the journalist world. DO NOT drink so much the night before that you ask an Italian cyclist a convoluted question in incomplete sentences in American slang - Competitive Cyclist's Alessandro Petacchi Interview at Interbike 2010

    23 September 2010

    USA Triathlon 2010 Elite National Championships

    This story is a personal one
     I am super proud of and excited for my nephew who will be competing at the USA Triathlon 2010 Elite National Championships on Saturday in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Kenny is only 22 years old and just turned Pro this season after competing at the Collegiate Triathlon level for Cal Berkeley (University of California, Berkeley). Since graduating, he has been employed full-time and continues to manage training and local races. 

    In 2008 Kenny competed in Age Group (20-24) Nationals. Last year he competed at World Triathlon Championships in Australia. Saturday, September 25th, Kenny will be competing against 48 other Pro Triathletes (the second youngest Pro in the field). This will be his third Pro race ever - and it is Nationals!
    This weekend is a really big deal for Kenny. If anyone sees him out on the course (he is 6'4" tall, 154 lbs, with crazy brown surfer hair), please cheer really loud for him, and go up and talk with him after the race. He is very enthusiastic about his sport, a great competitor and a great person.

    Good Luck Kenny, your entire family and all your friends are cheering you on.
    Go Kenny!
    Kenny recently at Triathlon at Alcatraz - his first Pro paycheck race!
    Follow the coverage of the USA National Triathlon Championship:

    USA Triathlon 2010 Elite National Championships Saturday, September 25, 2:15pm in Alabama
    USA Triathlon Event Details.
    Elite Mens participants: Registration List
    Follow Twitter at @USATriathlon and @USATlive  Or search for the hashtag #USATAGNC10
    Live Blog: USA Triathlon will provide race commentary and live results for the age group and elite races on a live blog. Visit the live blog page to follow the action.
    Search Final results at JMS Racing Services
    Versus will be showing a late taped version of the race on television in October: VERSUS televises the 2010 USA Triathlon Elite National Championship on Thursday, Oct. 14, from 4-6 p.m. EDT.
    Go Kenny Go! You are awesome!

    Sharing masterful work

    I wanted to share these images of the Pyrenees
    The first photo was taken by Paddy Sweeney during his recent Raid Pyrenees Tour in France. Paddy guides this tour in June (from east to west), and in September (from west to east). As you'll remember Paddy and Olive are owners of VeloPeloton in Saint Savin, France. Not only do they provide great cycling accommodation and meals in a beautiful valley of the Pyrenees, they also offer cycling tours, information on the climbs in the Pyrenees, great up-to-date news on the proposed Tour de France route for 2011, and best of all fantastic photography!
    The second photo was taken a few weeks ago of the town above Saint Savin in the direction of the Col du Soulor. I really look forward to the pictures Paddy posts on his blog of the mountain passes in the changing seasons of the Pyrenees. Even his winter photography is fantastic, and especially his cows!
    Photos by: Paddy Sweeney, you can purchase his photography on his website

    22 September 2010

    Taylor Phinney to BMC Pro Team

    Guess it's official Phinney will be riding a BMC bike

    Phinney enthusiastic after signing pro contract with BMC Racing Team

    And of course, they don't mention how much the twenty-year-old's salary will be. I think people are really interested in the how much. People seemed interested when PedalDancer.composted about the prize money for the Tour de France. More wanted to know how much the riders made at the Vuelta a Espana, but I haven't figured that out yet. Could a reporter please investigate this?

    Here are the products Taylor Phinney has signed to use from 2011-2013:
    • BMC bike
    • Hincapie clothing
    • Bell helmet
    • Oakley sunglasses
    • Easton wheels
    • Selle Italia saddle

    Memorial Tribute to Laurent Fignon in the Pyrenées

    News from VeloPeloton.com 
    Hautes Pyrenées Tribute to Laurent Fignon: On September 26, 2010, at 11:00am, the Giant statue at the top of the Tourmalet will be removed for the winter months and transported down the mountain to the town of Bagnéres de Bigorre. The statue usually rests for the winter in the garden outside the Laurent Fignon Cycling Center, in the town of Bagnéres de Bigorre, at the foot of the Col du Tourmalet.  
    Paddy Sweeney reported on his website VeloPeloton.com this morning from Saint Savin, France, that this year the Conseil General of Hautes Pyrenees has arranged a memorial gathering at 1:00pm to honor Laurent Fignon . Former Tour de France Champion and Frenchman Laurent Fignon died from Cancer on August 31, 2010. All cyclists are welcome to attend the memorial tribute.

    Photo by: PedalDancer.com

    The man and his bike

    The importance of a spokesperson for a Bike Manufacturer
    Fabian Cancellara became the face of speed and determination on a Specialized. Lance Armstrong put a Trek bike in many households in the United States. Taylor Phinney will be the next big connection for the bicycle industry. Whichever professional cycling team Phinney decides to go with in 2011 will benefit greatly from his race wins, but the bike he rides for the next 5 years will grow leaps and bounds in sales.
    More importantly than the pro cycling team Taylor Phinney chooses to join in 2011, look at the bike, the shoes, the sunglasses, the helmet and anything that kid attaches to himself. This will be much bigger than your average MAMIL (Middle-aged-male-in-lycra) adding to their gear. Phinney is the new generation of cyclist and is one big product promotion waiting to happen for the bicycle industry. He has a presence on the track, time trial course, and on the road. Product promoters don't just wear and sell the gear, they influence the gear. It is a good outcome for the consumer as well as the Bike Industry.
    Now that the semi-news is Cancellara will likely be riding a Trek bike in 2011 (which seems odd enough), I'm really interested to hear what Taylor Phinney will be promoting for the next 3 years. Don't we all love new bike technology and shiny new equipment?
    On that note - Interbike is happening over the next couple of days in Las Vegas, Nevada. That means Cross Vegas as well. The cyclocross race will be aired online live on CycloCross Magazine for all to see [read] (9:00pm Pacific Time). You may also follow Neil Brownes blog (he writes for Versus) while he attends Interbike, check out Wheel Sucking with Neil, or he tweets @NeilRoad. SoCalCycling is there as well, and @Fredcast, and @compCyclist. Or follow the bike tech news and reports at Interbike on VeloNews.com
    CyclingNews.com will be there as well, which this morning announced that Fabian Cancellara will compete at World Championships in Australia next week. According to CyclingNews.com:
    Swiss rider puts off announcing his 2011 team: Fabian Cancellara has confirmed that he will take part in the road race world championships in Melbourne but has put off any announcement about his team for 2011 until after he returns from Australia.

    21 September 2010

    Cancellara will ride with the Schlecks in 2011

    Cancellara has possibly made a decision on a new cycling team

    Andrew Hood wrote for VeloNews last night:
    "A Luxembourg newspaper is reporting that Olympic time trial champion Fabian Cancellara will follow the Schleck brothers to a new team backed by still unannounced sponsors"."Cancellara is just the latest big name to join Frank and Andy Schleck in the move to the new Luxembourg team. Others expected to join the Schleck brothers include Stuart O’Grady, Jens Voigt, [Anders Lund], and Jakob Fuglsang. Ex-Saxo Bank sport director Kim Andersen and former CSC team spokesman Brian Nygaard are organizing the new team with a yet unnamed sponsor".

    Report: Cancellara to join Schleck brothers  By Andrew Hood • Published: Sep 20th 2010 7:02 PM EDT 

    *Post post update (09/23/10): The Luxembourg Team picks up Daniele Bennati who has signed a 2-year contract. Fabian Cancellara has not yet confirmed his new team contract for 2011. He boarded a plane yesterday en route to Australia where he will focus on the UCI World Road Championship race, rightly giving the attention to his current team Saxo-Bank.

    *Post post update (11/03/10): Cancellara set to join Luxembourg Pro Cycling in CyclingNews.com Project By: Stephen Farrand Published: October 27, 11:41

    20 September 2010

    Catching up on the news & Cancellara

    Pez Cycling always delivers a nice standard read every Monday to catch up cycling news. I'm a big fan.
    I can't wait to hear the news of which team Classics rider and time trial specialist Fabian Cancellara will be joining in 2011. His transfer has not been announced yet, his exit from Saxo Bank has been announced. Cancellara's new team could be Pegasus Racing (a new Pro-Team hopeful from Australia, the old Fly VAustralia), BMC, Sky, or the new Luxembourg Team (unknown team name as of yet). Whichever team it is, they will have to come up with a large salary because Cancellara had to buy out his last year contract with Bjarne Riis and Saxo Bank for an expected €3 million ($4 million).

    Perhaps we should simply ask the question who would Cancellara want to ride with? A non European team (Pegasus), the Schlecks/Voigt/O'Grady (Luxembourg Team), Wiggins (Sky), or Evans/Hincapie (BMC). Cancellara might want to stick to riding with and for his friends.

    Or ask what kind of bike would he want to ride? Cancellara was an excellent promoter of Specialized equipment. Can you picture him riding a De Rosa (Pegasus), a Trek (Luxembourg), a Pinarello (Sky), or a BMC (BMC)? My guess is he will ride with the Sckleck's on a Trek.

    "I will decide on Tuesday whether I will go to Australia,"

    19 September 2010

    Typical Outdoor weekend in Colorado

    Lots of racing and outdoor time 
    The Vuelta a Espana is complete. The three week Grand Tour wrapped up this morning in Madrid, Spain. I watched the exciting sprint finish this morning over coffee and the New York Times newspaper. Tyler Farrar won the final stage. Vincenzo Nibali won the overall GC, Mark Cavendish earned the points classification (sprinters) jersey, his first overall Grand Tour sprinters jersey. Twenty year old Taylor Phinney won the US National Time Trial Championships in North Carolina yesterday. Twenty-one year old Ben King became the new US National Road Champion today. It was a good weekend for cycling fans.
    It was also a very hot weekend in Denver, Colorado. Yesterday I enjoyed a hike along (and in) the river with my dog Jack, a visit to the farmer's market in Golden, Colorado, followed by a dinner with friends which included a home-made plum cobbler (with plums from my own tree). Today I enjoyed a bike ride, a run in the park, and a trip to a local Cyclocross race to see and cheer on some friends.
    Some pictures:
    It was a day to let Universal Sports TV transport me to Madrid, Spain to watch the finishing stage of the Vuelta a Espana.
    A happy day for Vincenzo Nibali (Italy), Mark Cavendish (Isle of Man), Taylor Phinney (USA), and Ben King (USA)
    A nice day to ride a bike in Colorado.
    A day to enjoy a hot but shaded run in the park.
    A far too hot to be a cyclocross fan (and crazy hot (97F) to race cyclocross in a long sleeve skinsuit!) kind of day. Although the water mister on the course was a nice touch.
    A better day for another home cooked meal and a bottle of New Zealand white wine for dinner!
    ... and leftover plum cobbler, yum.

    16 September 2010


    Today the Vuelta a Espana finished in Salamanca
    I was watching the coverage of the finish of the race on Eurosport this morning when the cameras closed in on the square in Salamanca. Oh it brought back such wonderful memories of being in Salamanca, Spain, in 1996 with my friend Donna who had been my neighbor for years in Indonesia. We spent 3 weeks in Spain and Portugal. We intended to travel from Madrid to Sevilla, but standing in the train station in Toledo, we realized the train did not continue south from Toledo. Being the seasoned travelers that we were, we reversed our entire trip's itinerary. Not kidding.
    We took the train back to Madrid, and hopped a bus from Madrid to Salamanca, where we rented a car to head into Portugal and then south and east and north to complete the loop. That is how we ended up in Salamanca one night in September quite unexpectedly. Sometimes unexpected brings great surprises. Our surprise was a huge outdoor concert in the center of the Plaza Mayor in Salamanca.
    The traditional late evening strolling and street musicians did not even begin until 10:00pm, the concert did not begin until 12:00am. This was Spain! We had to force ourselves to stay awake (only 3 days into the trip), but the memories of that night are still vivid. We danced and danced among hundreds until the wee hours of the morn. It was Spain at it's best. I have no idea whether to recommend Salamanca as a tourist destination or not. All I know is the plaza at night filled with a live concert is unbeatable.
    Salamanca is also known as having the largest University in Spain and one of the oldest Universities in Europe. The city is very attractive and has the feel of being a college town.

    Thank you Vuelta a Espana for reminding me of great memories 14 years ago. Ah Spain!
    Vicenzo Nibali did take the lead yesterday after the time trial, and Mark Cavendish won again today, (so much for spreading the wealth). News on the Vuelta a Espana on Steephill.tv.

    15 September 2010

    Yes! there is humor in cycling

    This man might look serious
    But he is not. Enjoy this very quick read, with some equally quick laughs, from non-other than David Zabriskie: Tour of Spain – Stages 15

    And this comment from Zabriskie's other teammate Christian Van deVelde yesterday on Twitter:
    ChristianVDV My daughter told her class today that I was a bull fighter in Spain! I can't stop laughing.