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About Pedal Dancer®

Pedal Dancer® is intended as a cycling lifestyle resource for those who ride or attend bike races and events in the USA and Europe while enjoying travel, tourism, maps, food, drink and fun.

Karen Rakestraw writes and photographs for Pedal Dancer. I have chased pro races for fourteen years on the continent and in Europe. My love of travel, maps, photographs and human interest, blend with the love of any bike, a good competition in sports, and a better story.

Light on opinion and heavy on information and joy of the sport, topics on Pedal Dancer® include: bike routes and cycling climb descriptions, cycling lifestyle and educational topics, travel tips, cycling and travel photography, race reports, spectator guides, ride reports, plus the bikes and equipment used in the sport of cycling.

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I am a ride with GPS Ambassador: Pedal Dancer Rides Summit County, Colorado

Adventures or race coverage in 2015
I will be doing several event rides in Colorado, the rest is TBD.

Adventures or race coverage in 2014 included:
2014 USA Cycling Cyclo-cross National Championships
2014 Amgen Tour of California
2014 Giro d'Italia in Ireland
2014 USA Pro Challenge
CX season in Colorado

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Do you have ideas or comments for me, please email me directly at PedalDancerBlog@gmail.com. I answer every single email and am always happy to hear from you. I welcome any comments on the Pedal Dancer Facebook page where I now add all of the posts on this website. Thank you for visiting!

About Karen Rakestraw, Writer/Photographer

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I am an American and an Irish citizen. I grew up near the beaches of Los Angeles County, California, and now live in Colorado to enjoy the mountains. I enjoy the creativity of writing, love maps and discovering new places. I especially like the unknown of travel. I learn all I can before I go, expect the plans to go awry and find the best times in total surprises. I have no tolerance for routine, if I did - I'd be a much better bike rider. Mostly I'm an adventurous artist who knows how to move around at a bike race. I enjoy data, sharing information, written communication and people with varied backgrounds.

Karen Rakestraw of Pedal Dancer® at the Velodrome in Roubaix, France

For much more info about me, please visit: A really long About Me - Karen Eileen Rakestraw. Where you may also read more about the wonderful contributors to Pedal Dancer including:

Willie Reichenstein, contributing Photographer at Amgen Tour of California 2012, 2013, 2014.

Willie Reichenstein at the Tour de France

Ryan Wallace, contributing Photographer at USA Pro Cycling Challenge 2012, 2013, 2014

Ryan Wallace, Photographer RevLine

More contributing photographers: the generous talented photographers who have shared their work with me including Laurie Valaer, Ron Long, and Chuck Parsons, Ryan Muncy, Mike Rakestraw, Susan Benner, Kenny Rakestraw, Brian Graves, Jason Maxwell, Monica B., Duke Mike N., Katie Strausser.

*The image for 2015 at the top of PedalDancer.com, was taken in 2014 of the Maroon Bells, a well-known landmark in Colorado, near Aspen. It is a lovely destination-ride on a bike, where I regularly see deer, moose and marmot, plenty of fellow cyclists and the most friendly Forest Rangers imaginable.