I am pleased to offer the Pedal Dancer® list of recommendations of resources and reading for cycling enthusiasts and fans. The great thing about cycling is that the learning is endless. Below you will find resources listed under these main categories:
  • Local, National and World Cycling Organizations (racing)
  • Cycling news sources
  • Cycling video networks
  • Livestream race coverage
  • Race report websites
  • Cycling statistics
  • Cycling news bloggers  
  • Bike equipment review websites and blogs
  • Online cycling magazines newsletters
  • Cycling columns
  • Area cycling blogs or websites
  • Pro rider blogs
  • Bike blogs
  • Tour de France route news and predictions
  • Cycling humorists
  • Cycling travel blogs
  • Travel Equipment
  • Travel sites
  • Cycling photographers
  • Cycling art
  • Cycling podcasts
  • Nutrition, health and training
  • Cycling coaches
  • Bike shows and swaps
  • Bike Tour companies
  • Cycling accommodations & lodges
  • Non-profit organizations
I hope you will find links below to expand your knowledge and interest in the sport of cycling and the joy of riding a bike.

(*** indicates my favorites. The remaining links are presented in alphabetical order)

Local Cycling Organizations (races) - Western United States:
National cycling organizations
International cycling organization
Cycling News Sources
These cycling journalists spend their life bringing you in-the-moment or topical news about the sport of cycling, professional races and results, riders, teams, and equipment reviews. Basically it is an incessant group that pats each other on the back a lot, and retweets one another's news, but in such a small sport - support is important.
Cycling Video Networks or News (news through video)
    Livestream race coverage - links to watch cycling races live online
    Race Websites for cycling news links, video links, photos, routes, team rosters, race results
    When you are looking for the latest on each specific race, these sources are the place to go for all links on professional racing.
    Cycling statistics
    Including team rosters, calendars, race rosters, race results, and rankings.
    Cycling news bloggers
    These bloggers cover day to day or weekly news about the sport of cycling: pro teams, European continental teams, races, and pro riders.
    Bike equipment review websites and blogs
    The bike industry is constantly offering innovations or remodeling of cycling equipment. To help spend your dollar wisely and keep up on bike technology - read the bike equipment reviews and tech reports from these websites.
    Online cycling magazines newsletters
    Interested in subscribing to online periodicals? These cycling magazines offer subscriptions to a variety of bike related topics.
    Cycling Columns
    Area cycling blogs or websites
    Follow news in your area, these blogs follow local teams, local rider results, and local stories.
    Bike blogs
    From the list below, you are guaranteed to find at least 6 bike blogs you will enjoy reading regularly to expand your view of the world (*** my favorites).
    Tour de France race route news and predictions
    If you are looking for updates on upcoming race routes, Velowire provides route news on the big pro races. Velowire and VeloPeloton make annual guesses at the routes of the Tour de France prior to official route announcements. These sites help those planning to travel to the Grand Tours and other races plan travel in advance of travel and tour dates. If you are planning to go to the Tour de France, these sites are must reads for trip planning.
    Travel Equipment
    Travel blogs
    Nothing is better than travel tips from a local who is happy to share their favorites tips with the rest of us, for free. Especially when the reading is entertaining and comes with pictures! (*** my favorites)

    Cycling Photographers
    They say a picture is worth a thousand words, that phrase is more than true when it comes to photographs of the high action sport of cycling. Even the still photos are well appreciated so that fans may learn the distinct character and traits of individual athletes typically seen mostly in matching uniforms in a large peloton flying down the road. You can expect photographs of the sport of cycling to frequently include magnificent backdrops of landscape. Please enjoy the work by these photographers, but please don't steal the photos.
    Cycling Art
    For those looking to adorn their bike shop walls, wrenching bench, or office walls, please view the art work of many cycling artists compiled at:
    For lots and lots of photos of all things cycling, tumblres are a fine resource to see what you normally might miss in conventional news sources.
    Cycling Podcasts
    If you cannot get enough bike talk on your local group rides, and have a lot of free time on your hands, why not pop a podcast up in the background while cooking your next fabulous recovery meal or working quietly at your desk.
    Nutrition, health and training blogs
    Learning about nutrition and training for the active cyclist is an ever-evolving art form. As much as I think I know, I always learn more every time I read about nutrition and training tips from those who really know their topic.
    Cycling coaches
    I say leave training in the hands of those who really know how to get it done and can motivate. You will find tons of good information on their websites about training for cycling, sometimes for free, but mostly for big bucks.
    Bicycle Shops in Colorado: listed on this page Colorado Cycling

    Bike Shows and Swaps
    Bike Shipping Service in Colorado
    Bike Tour Companies - World Wide
    Want to save hours of time yet still pedal in the most fabulous locations around the globe? These professional cycling tour operators and bike guides will create a great bike trip for you in various countries. Want to know where these tour companies lead tours, please read: Pedal Dancer - Take a Tour.
    Cycling Tour Companies in Colorado
    These companies will guide through the best towns and over the best roads in Colorado. Joining an organized bike tour will save you tons of hours in planning.
    Assisted Cycling Tours
    Cycling Accommodations & Bike Lodges & Travel Hotels
    All a cyclist needs are a few good meals, an open road, and a fine place to lay their head upon the pillow at night. Warm hospitality,plus knowing how a cyclists travels, helps a lot as well. (by area)
    Non-profit Organizations and Companies that benefit cycling in Colorado:
    • Bicycle Colorado - Their mission is to encourage and promote bicycling, increase safety, improve conditions and provide a voice for cyclists in Colorado. They sell jerseys and Colorado Share the Road license plates, and have involvement in the Safe Routes to School program.
    • Bicycles for Humanity - Their bicycles delivered through community based bike shops-provide sustainable mobility solutions for rural Africans.
    • Bike Denver - Denver’s bicycle advocacy organization and the leading non-profit to promote and encourage bicycling as an energy efficient, non-polluting, healthy and enjoyable transportation alternative in and around Denver.
    • Bike Depot - Donated Bicycles are recycled to low income local residents through Earn A Bike programs, offers affordable service and a Fix Your Bike program.
    • Bikes Belong - (now called People for Bikes, see below)
    • Bikes for Life - Children's Hospital Colorado launched Bikes For Life, a program created to help kids develop healthy lifestyle habits through bicycling, since 2011. 
    • Bikes & Build, Inc. - Organizes cross-country bicycle trips which benefit affordable housing groups. Specifically funds projects planned and executed by young adults.
    • Cyclo Femme - Cyclo Femme is a Global Women's Cycling Day created TO HONOR THE PAST, to celebrate the present, the empower the future. 2015 date: May 10th.
    • Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson's - Sponsors programs that provide the information, tools and inspiration that can be used to live well with Parkinson’s today.
    • Denver Food Rescue - A nonprofit that uses bikes to deliver healthy food to low income families in Denver. 
    • Dong's Cycling Pals - Founded in 2011 to honor our pal Dong Ngo, their goal is to inspire elementary school children to discover the joys of riding bikes. DCP offers fix a flat classes, and free repair and wrenching at charity events.
    • Fort Collins Bicycle Co-op - Work in the community to offer bike refurbishing and maintenance, community education and bike safety. Also gives bikes away to non-profit or for volunteered time.
    • Kids on Bikes - Vision that all children have the opportunity to experience the freedom and joy of owning their own bikes while gaining confidence.
    • League of American Cyclists (Bike - Work closely on policy with Nationwide Senators and Representative towards a bicycle friendly America. They actively educate, promote and provide a better cycling environment.
    • People for Bikes - founded by bicycle industry leaders with the mission of "putting more people on bikes more often by connecting millions of riders, we are a single powerful voice for bicycling.
    • Project Recycle - Douglas county based non-profit, encouraging kids to earn a bike by improving in 3 areas: Respect, Attendance and Academic Growth. They recycle bicycles to benefit world youth.
    • Reasons 2 Ride - Inspiring a healthy, happy community by motivating people to connect with businesses and each other through bicycling.
    • Ride for Reading - To help children in low-income areas become healthy and literate.
    • The Axel Project - Axel Project is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the fundamental principle that a productive, happy life begins with bikes. RideTime is aimed at providing bicycles, gear, instruction, and educational materials to schools.
    • Trips for Kids - Operating in the United States, Canada, Israel and Sierra Leone. Comprised of three programs: youth programs, the Ride Program, and Earn a Bike Programs, as well as social enterprise. ***
    • Wish for Wheels - Founded in 2004, their goal is to give as many kids as possible brand new bikes and helmets, to bring communities together.
    Misc. Links, Directories, Forums

    A note from Pedal Dancer - none of the resources listed above have paid to be included on this page. I have selected the individuals and companies from my own personal experience with them over fifteen years of road cycling.