31 May 2012

Images of the Day: Maarten Tjallingii & Provence

Pictures of the Day: telling cycling stories

Can you guess the story Maarten Tjallingii was telling my sister-in-law Suz?

Word of the Day: story = histoire (une histoire drôle = a funny story)
A wild ride for Maarten Jallingii   Photo by PedalDancer.com/SyS
Maarten and Suz chatting in the Rabobank VIP area in Los Angeles   
Photo by PedalDancer.com/SyS
Today in Provence
Today at the morning market in Cuceron, France. An image from Provence, where Suz and my brother Mike, and niece Kristina are currently traveling.
The Roman bath in the center of Cuceron, France   Photo by PedalDancer.com/SyS
The Flower Lady in Cuceron   Photo by PedalDancer.com/SyS
At the 1st century Roman aqueduct bridge - Pont du Gard - near Remoulins    
Photo by PedalDancer.com
The best entry for the story that Maarten Tjallingii was telling Suz came from M.N. from AZ: 
 "... So I'm walking through Luby's right ... and then I trip over your friend there [that would be me] ... My tray goes flying! ... hits this old lady. But anyway, what's with her [me] damn leg fetish? Always taking pictures of our legs. Can you believe it? In Luby's ... [she's] hiding under the dessert table ... Then the Manager comes over ... Threatening me cuz ... turns out my tray and all my chocolate pudding hit his mother, visiting from Wisconsin ... so I turn around to point out your friend [me again] ... and she's following Luis Leon into the men's room! Taking butt pics the whole way ... and then it gets weird ... Joop. Zoey as we like to call him, comes running in from the team bus, turns out he's having an affair with the old gal, the one covered in pudding ... ... ... and the story continues ... [ok M.N. from Arizona - you owe me that round in Telluride at the up-coming USA Pro Cycling Challenge for printing your Maarten Tjallingi narrative - see you there!]