07 May 2012

Spectator Guide Tour of California - Stage 4


Wednesday, May 16 - Stage 4   Distance: 130.2 miles  
START: Sonora at 10:35am Neutral Start at Yaney and Washington St.
FINISH: Clovis at 3:39-5:10pm Race Finish at Bullard Ave. and Pollasky Ave.
2 SPRINT: CA 49/1401 in Mariposa 12:37-1:14pm;  Crane Valley Rd Oakhurst at 1:39-2:34pm.
6 KOMs: 5 locations along CA49 Mariposa (please see log above); Crane Valley Rd 1:52-5:51pm.
Festival: 11:00-4:30pm, 522 POLLASKY AVE., Clovis
Local Event: Mayor's Reception Sonora, 5:30pm, May 12, 2012
Local Event: Mayor's VIP Brunch Sonora, May 16, 2012
Local Walk: Breakaway Mile Clovis, May 16, 2012
Stage 4 video stage preview
Old Town Clovis race information website and downtown map
City of Clovis street closures on May 16th (.pdf file)
ATOC stage 4 route map
ATOC stage 4 route profile