07 May 2012

Spectator Guide Tour of California - Stage 7

Saturday, May 19 - Stage 7  Distance: 78.3 miles
START: Ontario at 12:00pm Neutral Start at Convention Center
FINISH: Mt. Baldy at 3:17-3:56pm Finish at Mt. Baldy(!!) Ski Area (Category HC)
1 SPRINT: Glendora 2:09-2:35pm
2 KOMs: Glendora Ridge Rd at Mt Baldy Rd 12:43-12:51pm;  Glendora Mt. Rd., Finish 2:34-3:04pm.
Festival: 11:00-4:30pm, 8401 MT. BALDY ROAD, Mt Baldy
Stage 7 video stage preview
Glendora Mountain Rd blog use as a rough guideline for 2012 - good road description and road closures from race day in 2011.
ATOC stage 7 route map
ATOC stage 7 route profile