13 August 2012

Timetables - USA Pro Cycling Challenge

Get me to the race on time!
Times of starts, finishes, and events for each stage. The timetables of the 2012 USA Pro Cycling Challenge were released last week. Now we know WHEN we should be there.

Pedal Dancer Education: How to read a race stage log (timetable): 
Example Stage Log   please click to enlarge image
On the first line, the start time is always definite. In the last two columns every street and turn is listed. Because the organizers of the race are not certain how fast the riders will be racing each day, they give several approximations of times based on average speed of a rider. The first column lists the slowest possible time (mph) for this stage, (speeds will vary based on flat or climbing stages). Column 2, 3, and 4 list other faster times according to increasing rider speeds. As fans it is best to be there by at least the fastest time listed on the log, but not to expect the riders until the slowest time listed in column 1 of the log. This insures that you will not miss seeing the race. Try to arrive much earlier to enjoy the atmosphere and avoid traffic. We are also provided with distances in both miles and kilometers, along with decreasing distance as the race progresses. King of the Mountain (KOM) points times and locations are highlighted in red, Sprint point times and locations are highlighted in green. 
Saturday, August 18, Durango
USA Pro Challenge Gala Dinner/Team Presentation, 5:00pm at Fort Lewis College, buy tickets $200.
Sunday, August 19, Durango 
Pro Challenge Experience Presented by UnitedHealthcare, send-off by George Hincapie, Sunday, Aug. 19, 7:00am, 45 miles and 72 miles, $65 and includes an exclusive commemorative shirt, www.prochallenge.com/register
Monday, August 20: Stage 1, Durango – Telluride 
Route Map: Day 1/ Stage 1: Monday, August 20, 2012  
Stage 1 Timetable.pdf 
Stage Start Begins: 10am (Neutral Start at Main St. at 8th St.)
Lizard Head Pass: 2:21-3:40pm
Stage Finish at: 2:57-4:27pm (Race Finish at County Courthouse)
USA Pro Cycling Page for Durango 
USA Pro Cycling Page for Telluride
Tuesday, Aug. 21:  Stage 2, Montrose – Crested Butte/Mt. Crested Butte 
Route Map: Day 2/ Stage 2: Tuesday, August 21, 2012 
Stage 2 Timetable.pdf  
Stage Start Begins:  11:25am (Neutral Start at Pavilion/Kent Ave)
Stage Finish at: Approximately 3:19-4:29pm (Mt. Crested Butte)
USA Pro Cycling Page for Montrose 
USA Pro Cycling Page for Crested Butte 
Wednesday, Aug. 22:  Stage 3, Gunnison – Aspen 
Route Map: Day 3/ Stage 3: Wednesday, August 22, 2012 
Stage 3 Timetable.pdf  
Stage Start Begins: 10:10am (Neutral Start at CO 135 and Virginia Ave.)
Cottonwood Pass: 12:02-12:36pm
Independence Pass: 2:25-3:43pm
Stage Finish at: Approximately 3:11-4:41pm (Race Finish at Paepcke Park)
USA Pro Cycling Page for Gunnison 
USA Pro Cycling Page for Aspen 
Thursday, Aug. 23:  Stage 4, Aspen – Beaver Creek/Vail Valleys 
Route Map: Day 4/ Stage 4: Thursday, August 23, 2012 
Stage 4 Timetable.pdf  
Stage Start Begins: 11:35am (Neutral Start on Main St. at Galena St)
Independence Pass: 12:26-12:41pm
Battle Mountain (KOM): 12:51-3:50pm
Stage Finish at: Approximately 3:30-4:28pm (Race Finish on Village Rd.)
USA Pro Cycling Page for Aspen 
USA Pro Cycling Page for Beaver Creek  
Friday, Aug. 24:  Stage 5, Breckenridge – Colorado Springs 
Route Map: Day 5/ Stage 5: Friday, August 24, 2012 
Stage 5 Timetable.pdf
Stage Start Begins: 10:50am (Neutral Start at Main St. and Washington Ave.)
Hoosier Pass: 11:17-11:25am
Stage Finish at: Approximately 3:08-4:1pm (Race Finish at Tejon St. and Pikes Peak)
USA Pro Cycling Page for Breckenridge 
USA Pro Cycling Page for Colorado Springs
Saturday, Aug. 25:  Stage 6, Golden – Boulder [Presented by Nissan] 
Route Map: Day 6/ Stage 6: Saturday, August 25, 2012
Stage 6 Timetable.pdf 
Stage Start Begins: 11:10am (Neutral start on Washington Ave. at 12th St.)
Stage Finish at: Approximately 3:14-3:58pm (Race Finish at Flagstaff Amphitheater)
USA Pro Cycling Page for Golden 
USA Pro Cycling Page for Boulder
Sunday, Aug. 26:  Stage 7, ITT Denver 
Route Map: Day 7/ Denver Time Trial: Sunday, August 26, 2012 
Stage 7 Timetable.pdf 
Stage Start Begins: 1:00am
Stage Finish at: Before 4:00pm
Each rider is expected to take 19-22 minutes to complete the 15.3mile time trial.  
Denver city website for USA Pro Cycling Challenge 
USA Pro Cycling Page for Denver

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