30 August 2012

Podium Girls 2012 USA Pro Challenge

Prize money and beautiful women
Okay, you did it again. Another week spent chasing a Tour around an entire state only to return home and find out that all you want are pictures of beautiful women. Remember how I covered the Amgen Tour of California last May for 4 stages only to find out that The fans want Podium Girls?  I had reviewed my top keyword searches after the ATOC to discover that the top-5 keyword searches all pertained to beauty (and I cannot fault you for your desires). The winning keywords during my week at the Amgen Tour of California:
  • giro d'italia 2012 route map
  • mario cipollini
  • specialized venge
  • tour of california podium girls
  • tour of california 2012 podium girls
Want to see the most popular keywords searched for on Pedal Dancer after the past week of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge? The winners from the USAPro:
  • usa pro cycling challenge prize money
  • usa pro cycling challenge podium girls
  • usa pro challenge podium girls
  • us pro cycling challenge podium girls
  • specialized venge
  • pedal dancer  (I am so happy to come in a close 6th - thank you!!)
Oh how nice, money seems to have trumped beauty for this race. Sorry I didn't have current 2012 figures up for you to ponder over, but you seemed happy enough discovering the prize money from 2011 that I compiled from last year. USA Pro Cycling Challenge Prize Money
Bikes were still in there, and Pedal Dancer seemed to have edged out Mario Cipollini! Why I am not sure; I would have personally been googling like mad for Mario (if I had known that he would in fact be at the VIP tent in Denver, still sour about missing that one). USA Pro Withdrawals.
Fans only found two ways to google for Podium Girls during the ATOC, but for the USA Pro Challenge they upped it to three sets of popular keyword strings. Impressive. I am about to spend a couple of hours scouring my vast archives of photos from the past week to bring you images of Holly and Leah the 2012 USA Pro Challenge Podium girls in Colorado. What I do for the fans. Next year could you please get back to googling Mario Cipollini and put him to the top of the list. For me. 
Just a reminder that this mass of human effort attempts to bring you real race news and coverage. Little do they know all you really want is money and women and a good venge. Or maybe they do. 
Some of the photo media   ©Photo by Karen of PedalDancer.com
Photos of Holly Andersen (blonde) and Leah Ferris (brunette) - the 2012 USA Pro Cycling Challenge Podium Girls
©Photo by Karen of PedalDancer.com
Holly Anderson
Holly   ©Photo by Karen of PedalDancer.com
Leah Ferris
Leah   ©Photo by Karen of PedalDancer.com
My favorite Podium Girl picture from the USAPro 
Podium Girls 2012 with Tom Danielson  ©Photo by Karen of PedalDancer.com
Holly and Leah on the job
Stage 1 with Tyler Farrar   ©Photo by Karen of PedalDancer.com
Holly with Stage 4 winner Jens Voigt   ©Photo by Karen of PedalDancer.com
Leah with Joe, Tom, Tejay, Stage 4 in Beaver Creek  ©Photo by Karen of PedalDancer.com
Assisting with sign-in at stage starts (in Breckenridge)  ©Photo by Karen of PedalDancer.com
Smiles with Taylor Phinney winner of Stage 7 time trial  ©Photo by Karen of PedalDancer.com
Leah and Holly with overall classification winner Christian Vande Velde  
 ©Photo by Karen of PedalDancer.com
giving a kiss to Tom Danielson's son, Stage 7,  Denver  ©Photo by Karen of PedalDancer.com
Their final podium presentation in Denver  ©Photo by Karen of PedalDancer.com
Champagne bath!   ©Photo by Karen of PedalDancer.com
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Leah Ferris - Donna Baldwin Talent    Holly Anderson - Donna Baldwin Talent

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