26 August 2012

A Day at the Race in Boulder

It was a huge day for bike racing in Boulder
Pedal Dancer had fans contribute photos from across the course today, thank you for the roving fan photographers out there on their bikes and by foot: Jason Maxwell, Brian Graves, and Mike. 

I met a very nice family of fans in Golden this morning -

We had a conversation about how cool it is to both take and see photos that capture the experience we have as fans attending a race. Photos recreate the feeling of being there, memories of a rider, a corner, a road, a gesture, fans are all eyes and notice everything. Perhaps you have been chasing the 2012 USA Pro Cycling Challenge as well, perhaps you have had similar experiences or were in these very same places. We can all agree that a photo is worth a thousand words. 

A stage race can be magical because every fan seems to report back that they "were in the perfect place." Today thousands of fans all stood in their perfect places along Stage 6 from Golden to Boulder, Colorado. Boulder race organizer: Stage 6 was 'biggest day in American pro cycling history' by The Daily Camera.

After the stage start in Golden (A Day at the Race in Golden) it was time to head to Boulder.

Pearl Street 
Down near Pearl St in Boulder, Jason and Hope were hanging out watching the race come through town twice. Photos by Jason Maxwell
BMC leads it through town
Excitement as the peloton flies through downtown Boulder
The break
Jens in the lead
Mountain Climbs
Up on the local climbs above Boulder, Brian rode his bike to the feedzone on Peak to Peak Hwy north of Nederland, and also to the well-known local climb of Lee Hill Rd, to cheer the riders come over the top of this steep climb which preceded Flagstaff. Photos by Brian Graves

Lee Hill Rd
George Bennett
Up on Flagstaff, Mike was nestled into a spot right at the finish line banner. Photos by deNavaille Photographique (even fans get to have a photo name)
Rory Sutherland wins Stage 6 on Flagstaff! Yeah!
Fabio Aru 2nd
Jens 3rd.  Jens Voigt took over the polka-dot climbers jersey with this effort
Go Levi
Levi took over the yellow jersey with this effort
Go Tejay Go!
Tom Danielson reaches the top of the climb
(which he holds the fastest official accent record on: An interview with Tom Danielson)
Levi did it!!! He took over the yellow jersey on the climb to flagstaff on Stage 6 of the USA Pro Challenge.
Levi knackered
Rory takes the stage win on Flagstaff Mountain
A story of Jens Voigt: The story is .... as Jens Voigt stood on the podium on Flagstaff Mountain ...

Jens on Flagstaff
a sign to his right held by a young 4-year old boy in the crowd of fans caught his eye. It drew his attention so directly he noticeably lost his concentration for a moment during the ceremony. What was the sign and who was the boy? This was the sign
roughly translates to "Jens is the King of pain"
The young boy who held this sign was there with his Mom and Dad and Sister from San Antonio, Texas. They came to watch Jens race in America. Jens was so touched by the sign, he immediately walked over to the boy, after stepping off the podium, to offer him his bouquet of flowers and sign the boy's sign. The crowd went wild by the sentimental gesture and the boy was beyond thrilled. Another Jens Voigt moment of kindness.   Photos and story by deNevaille photographique

Podium of jerseys on Flagstaff after Stage 6 (that is Rory's son)
You just saw photos from three regular fans who were able to get out to see and experience the race in their own unique ways. Every fan out there has a story on race day. Every fan was in the perfect place.

See you in Denver .... 

Stage 6 Results from the desk of Nicole Okoneskie of Rogers & Cowan
·         First Place – Rory Sutherland (AUS) of UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team
·         Second Place – Fabio Aru (ITA) of Astana Pro Team
·         Third Place – Jens Voigt (GER) of RadioShack-Nissan-Trek
·         Exergy Leader Jersey – Levi Leipheimer (USA) of Omega Pharma-QuickStep
·         Waste Management Sprint Jersey – Tyler Farrar (USA) of Garmin-Sharp-Barracuda
·         Nissan King of the Mountains Jersey – Jens Voigt (GER) of RadioShack-Nissan-Trek
·         Aquadraat Best Young Rider Jersey – Joseph Lloyd Dombrowski (USA) of Bontrager Livestrong Team
·         Evolve Most Aggressive Rider Jersey – Rory Sutherland (AUS) of UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team


Catching up with Training Peaks on the climbs with Rory Sutherland, Timmy Duggan, Joe Dombrowski, Janic Brajkovic - see their numbers for the day: Training Peaks Analysis of Stage 6 to Flagstaff. 

Visit the official race website at: www.ProChallenge.com