22 August 2012

Did you know?

Did you know?
Did you know ... that racing in this year's USA Pro Cycling Challenge are 3 World Champions, 2 Olympics Medalists, 7 current National Champions, 8 Individual stage winners at the Tour de France, 4 overall podium finishers at the Tour de France and a lot of of Tour de something winners in 2012. A very impressive field.
Cadel Evans wearing his rainbow stripes on his jersey sleeve
Did you know ... that each stage of the USPCC is sponsored, except for Stage 7 in Denver.
Stage 1: Colorado.com
Stage 2: Aquadraat
Stage 3: New Belgium
Stage 4: United Healthcare
Stage 5: Waste Management
Stage 6: Nissan
Did you notice ... that key race facts are sometimes affixed to the stems of the bike to let riders know what to expect during the ride? Here a staff member is marking that for stage 2 the 1st KOM (K) will be at 27km, then the second K at 50, feed at 82, the two (S) sprints, a KOM and finally the finish.

Did you notice ... the haze in Montrose yesterday, or feel the smoke in your lungs? Well the local weatherman reported that he haze was the smoke moving down from the forest fires in Idaho.
Did you know ... that work continues on the road for team managers? Here is BMC racing team's Jim Ochowicz on a conference call yesterday morning outside his team bus in Montrose.

Did you notice ... the sign-in sheet has grown in size to a sign-in board at the USPCC? The sign-in sheet has a long history in the sport of cycling read more at I LOVE CYCLING.

Did you know ... that there is a lot of meaning to the specific number a cyclist wears? In America we call rider numbers bibs, at the Tour de France they are called dossards. Learn how to decode a rider's number at: Word of the Day: Dossard
Did you notice ... that we now have three sets of announcers covering the race live for fans? The legendary Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen, who are commentating for NBC Television; Dave Towle and Brad Sohner (Who is that voice on stage?), the professional race announcers hired by USPCC to give on-site commentary for stage starts and finishes; And Neal Rogers and Brian Holcombe who both work for Velo Magazine and are announcing live on Tour Tracker. I am especially enjoying their calm interesting informative commentary this year. Check out all the options for following race coverage: TV and online coverage USA Pro Cycling Challenge
Did you know ... that there is a womens crit race in Aspen today from 1-2pm, there are other amateur races and events in town as well. The local Aspen Daily Times newspaper has complete time schedule of events.

Now for some Photos from the finish in Crested Butte from a fan. Photos by de Navaille Photographique
Tejay van Garderen in Crested Butte
Peter and Klodi nearing the finish line
Tejay started to descend and high-5 the crowd on his way down
Taylor Phinney
Tyler Farrar (yellow jersey) coming into the finish
See you on Independence Pass!