04 March 2011

Recommended Reading: Jens Voigt's letter on radios

When Jens speaks, I listen

Jens Voigt speaks out against UCI race radio ban by Cycling News Published: March 4, 09:23,

I spent a good deal of time a few weeks ago trying to research all the reasons why a radio ban in racing makes sense. I tried to find a good summary of the UCI's reason not to allow team staff to communicate openly with riders on the road. I was interested in both sides of the story. I found nothing substantial. I would like to see this list of reasons published by the UCI, rather then their blanket approach of "because I said so" leadership. Rather than making this an opinion, the UCI should educate and explain their reasons clearly for the new rule 2.2.024.

This is what the UCI has published (on the .pdf on their website they have highlighted some text in orange, I am uncertain what orange text means, but it might mean they are serious about it):

2.2.024  In-race communications (two-way radio)
1) The use of radio links or other remote means of communication by or with the riders, as well as the possession of any equipment that can be used in this manner, during an event is prohibited except in the following two cases:
  • during 2011: a. world calendar events b. Women’s World Cup events
  • time trial events
In the two cases above, a secure communications and information system (the «earpiece») is authorised and may be used for safety reasons and to assist riders under the following conditions:
- - -
The power of the transceiver may not exceed 5 watts; the range of the system shall be limited to the space occupied by the race; its use is limited to exchanges between riders and the team manager and between riders of a same team.
The use of such a system is subject to any relevant legal provisions and to thoughtful and reasonable use with respect for ethics and the rider’s freedom of decision.
2) Any rider breaching this Article shall be sanctioned by being prohibited from starting, removed from the race or disqualified, as appropriate, and subject to a fine of CHF 100 to 10,000.
Any team breaching this Article shall be sanctioned by a fine of CHF 100 to 10,000 and the directeur sportif and all team vehicles will be prohibited from starting or removed from the race.
An infringement committed by a rider leads to the irrefutable presumption of an infringement com- mitted by the rider’s team.
The sanctions imposed on a rider and the sanctions imposed on his or her team are cumulative.
An infringement is committed as soon as a rider or team appears at an event in possession of the equipment prohibited by this Article. If the prohibited equipment is removed before the start of the event, the rider or team may start and only the fine will apply. If a further infringement is commit- ted during the same event, the result will be removal from the race or disqualification and a further fine of up to CHF 20,000 for a rider and CHF 200,000 for a team.
Articles 1.2.130 and 1.2.131 still apply.
(text modified on 1.01.02; 1.01.05; 1.01.08; 1.01.09; 1.01.10; 1.10.10; 1.02.11).