11 August 2013

Recommended Reading: TED King on what not to say

Read: GooOOOOoooOOooOOooo Team! By Ted King

Professional cyclist Ted King (Canndondale) wrote a funny piece today (well technically really late last night) on what NOT to say to a pro rider during a race as a fan. He brings up some very good, but mostly humorous, points.

His choice of topic, written while out on the wide-open roads of the Tour of Utah this week, reminds me of this post I wrote from the Tour of California is 2012. You are looking good

excerpt from my post:

Careful what you say, a rider could be listening
The riders can hear what we say to them as they pass by, and we do not need to be screaming for them to hear. Yesterday a miffed Mark Cavendish tweeted from the Giro about the fan he heard say "ooh, Cav is in trouble!"

Rabobank Team Physician Dion van Bommel told me a funny story relayed to him from Robert Gesink (NED) after Gesink's brutal climb for the win up Mt Baldy in Stage7. Robert told the Team Doctor, “This fan yelled out “Looking good” - I was suffering! I could not have been looking good,” Robert said. Together Robert and the doctor chuckled in amazement at the silliness of the American fan.

That fan could have been me, maybe that fan was you? Think about it the next time you are screaming in a rider's face - what you say might matter.

GoooOOOoooOOooooo ... You are looking Good!
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