08 August 2013

Recommended Bakery: Trompeau Bakery


Yes you read that correctly - I am recommending a bakery, because this kind of goodness just needs to be shared. Bakeries, Coffee Shops, bikes and beer are all within the realm of a cycling travel blogger.

There is a bakery near Denver, Colorado, that brings such joy in every bite, that delights my sense of taste and smell to such a degree, that I want you to enjoy it as well. Trompeau Bakery.

This morning I stopped in at the moment a fresh tray of croissants were being carried out by the baker. "Would you like a cherry, peach, or Blueberry and cream cheese one?" "Oh my, I will take a blueberry and cream cheese, please," I responded on instinct, not having planned to add this gem to my traditional baguette and coffee purchase.

I would show you a picture of the deliciousness of the purchased croissant but it did not last long enough. You will have to go yourself and order anything that just came out of the oven. It is worth waiting for if needed. Fresh, warm and delicious.

Trompeau Bakery
2950 South Broadway
Englewood, CO 80113
(303) 777-7222

I have written about the bakery before - in it's old funky location near the University of Denver. But they moved to a shinny new location to add more ovens so they could more efficiently send their baked goods out upon the land.

Christmas Eve at the French Bakery By Pedal Dancer
The Baguette By Pedal Dancer

bon appétit