21 August 2013

USA Pro Challenge 2013 - Results Stage 3

Breckenridge - Steamboat Springs Colorado - Race Results

It was a day for all those Jens Voigt fans out there - and there are many of you.

The day started with a large crowd gathered around Jens Voigt's new bike, resting peacefully outside the team bus in Breckenridge. Fans oohed and awed and giggled over the details of Jensie's new white bike. From a distance what you will first notice are the red, yellow and black colors of the German flag painted on the bike, but close up you will see all the many details that make this bike uniquely Jens'.

This is Jens' new bike!  Photo © By Karen at Pedal Dancer®
The top tube has the name of his wife and 6 children.  Photo © By Karen at Pedal Dancer®
Family names adorn the top tube. Photo © By Karen at Pedal Dancer®
Picasso’s Dove of Peace is the symbol of the Peace Race.  Photo © By Karen at Pedal Dancer®
The under belly of Jen's top tube says it all.  Photo © By Karen at Pedal Dancer®
Don't worry - Jensie's Shut Up Legs gray bike is in tow on the team car, just in case. Photo © By Karen at Pedal Dancer®
The crowd went crazy for Jens as he took center stage at the sign-in stage before the start in Breckenridge, Colorado this morning. During his interview by Announcer Dave Towle, Jens warned us of an attack, but we hear that a alot. Isn't that what Jens does when he comes to Colorado?

Jens Voigt on stage
And then, it happened - I rubbed shoulders with Jens Voigt. Like literally. Because my worse nightmare of being in a rider's way near the sign-in stage / start line came true this morning when I looked up into the eyes of an approaching Jens Voigt only to realize he was headed straight for me ... don't move, I thought, hold your ground, it's only Jens Voigt, he won't take me out. Maybe. Instead he basically braised off of my back and shoulder and rolled on by. We both survived and I did not become the fan who took down Jens Voigt.

I looked back over my shoulder to make sure. He rode off leaving me to think - well that worked out ok, we're both still upright.

Totally un-phased, he rode off.  Photo © By Karen at Pedal Dancer®
Obviously Jens was no worse for the wear because he did pretty well out there today on the road to Steamboat Springs.

And just in case you want to ignore the "do not try this at home" warnings, this is how Jens descends. And now we all know why the names of his family members are on his top tube - because that is where his heart is. Awwhh.

 Thanks Tour Tracker for this screen capture.
View Jens Voigt's SRM data in TrainingPeaks By Training Peaks - a 1262 watts breakaway effort!

How many Jens Voigt fans are out there? Apparently a lot. Thanks to all of you for gracing us with your screaming on the TV coverage today. (Related reading: Jens Voigt - Hero of Stage 20 By Pedal Dancer)

I met these two brothers yesterday on Independence Pass. They are here all week to chase the race and cheer on Jens Voigt. Photo © By Karen at Pedal Dancer®
Today's results from the tour in Colorado.

Stage 3 Results:

 1. Peter Sagan (SVK) of Cannondale Pro Cycling
 2. Luka Mezgec (SLO) of Team Argos-Shimano (impressive increasing speed!)
 3. Ryan Anderson (CAN) of Optum Presented by Kelly Benefit Strategies
Peter Sagan contemplating a very successful day ahead. Photo © By Karen at Pedal Dancer®
2nd place Luka Mezgec and his teammate Nikodemus Holler this morning in Breckenridge. Photo © By Karen at Pedal Dancer®
GC Standings: Complete list of Standings

General Classification after Stage 3
AUS  1  MORTON, Lachlan David (GARMIN SHARP) 11:35:40
SUI  2  FRANK, Mathias (BMC RACING)          +  2
SVK  3  SAGAN, Peter (CANNONDALE)            + 11
USA  4  VAN GARDEREN, Tejay (BMC RACING)                       
USA  6  DANIELSON, Thomas (GARMIN SHARP)     + 29
ITA  8  CARUSO, Damiano (CANNONDALE)         + 41
BEL  9  VAN AVERMAET, Greg (BMC RACING)                        
FRA  10 GALLOPIN, Tony (RADIOSHACK LEOPARD)                    
AUS  11 SUTHERLAND, Rory (SAXO-TINKOFF)                        
CRC  12 OBANDO BRENES, Gregory (CHAMPION SYSTEM)               
COL  13 ACEVEDO COLLE, Javier Alexis (JAMIS)   
USA  14 BALDWIN, Christopher (BISSELL CYCLING)                 
USA  15 EUSER, Lucas (UNITEDHEALTHCARE)                        
USA  16 JONES, Carter (BISSELL CYCLING)      + 46
USA  17 VANDEVELDE, Christian (GARMIN SHARP)                   
ESP  18 MEGIAS LEAL, Javier (NOVO NORDISK)                     
IRL  19 DEIGNAN, Philip (UNITEDHEALTHCARE)                     
SUI  20 SCHÄR, Michael (BMC RACING)             
Lachlan Morton. Photo © By Karen at Pedal Dancer®
Classification Jerseys after Stage 3: 
Yellow (overall) - Lachlan David Morton (AUS) Team Garmin-Sharp
Green (sprint) - Peter Sagan (SVK) Cannondale Pro Cycling
Red (climber) - Matt Cooke (USA) Jamis-Hagens Berman p/b Sutter
Blue (young) - Lachlan David Morton (AUS)  Team Garmin-Sharp
                        jersey to be worn by Lawson Craddock
Orange (aggressive) -Jens Voigt (GER) RadioShack Leopard Trek

Photos from the Day:
please click any image to enlarge
It was a beautiful morning on Swan Mountain Rd today. This was early before most of the fans arrived. Breckenridge is up valley. Photo © By Karen at Pedal Dancer®
The USA Pro Challenge had already transformed Main St in Breckenridge by the time I arrived. Photo © By Karen at Pedal Dancer®
Typical morning interviews of riders were going on near the sign-in stage area. Matt Cooke (polka dot), and Dan Wuori interviewing Tom Zirbel. Photo © By Karen at Pedal Dancer®
Tejay van Garderen in his knee-highs signing autographs for fans on autograph alley this morning in Breckenridge. Photo © By Karen at Pedal Dancer®
Lachlan Morton's has officially licensed his bike in Colorado. Photo © By Karen at Pedal Dancer®
The Champion System riders decided to spoof their DS who regularly wears his own fedora hat. Photo © By Karen at Pedal Dancer®
There is no rest for the yellow jersey wearer. Photo © By Karen at Pedal Dancer®
I still can't believe Chris Froome is racing in Colorado! I mean THAT is Chris Froome!! Photo © By Karen at Pedal Dancer®
Lawson Craddock in the best young rider jersey next to Chris Froome. Photo © By Karen at Pedal Dancer®
Lineup in Breckenridge and our National Anthem. Photo © By Karen at Pedal Dancer®
An amazing morning in Breckenridge. Photo © By Karen at Pedal Dancer®
Stage 3 begins to Steamboat Springs. Photo © By Karen at Pedal Dancer®
The finish into Steamboat USA Pro Challenge.  Photo by Scott Christopher of Bicycle Colorado.
Quote today: “It’s always amazing to see what these guys are capable of,” said Shawn Hunter, CEO of the USA Pro Challenge.  “Between the stellar riding and the enthusiastic fans, this has been an incredible race so far. The crowds at the 2013 USA Pro Challenge continue to be humbling – we don’t get the crowds that we do out of luck, it’s because of the leadership in these communities and the remarkable racing from these world-class athletes.”

Tomorrow's Stage 4 of the 2013 USA Pro Challenge, August 22, 2013

Read the Pedal Dancer® FAN GUIDE to Stage 4 from Steamboat Springs to Beaver Creek:
Stage 4 Finish: USA Pro Challenge in Beaver Creek.  I will see you in Beaver Creek.

For more information, and a listing of all race results, please visit the PEDAL DANCER RACE GUIDE PAGE: USA PRO CHALLENGE

Official website: www.usaprocyclingchallenge.com/
Official Spectator Guide: Official 2013 Spectator Guide

I plan to write my typical travel interest stories probably next week after the Tour, since I am busy living the dream this week and lack time, but I just had to share this story with you early ...

This is Amy and Charles - they met 3 years ago on Swan Mountain Rd when the USA Pro Challenge first used the climb in the inaugural tour. The next year Charles proposed to Amy on Swan Mountain. Last June the two got married on Swan Mountain. And here they are today, together on Swan Mountain Road where it all began, to watch Stage 3.

Amy and Charles, today on Swan Mtn Rd