21 August 2013

Photography from The USA Pro Challenge

A different perspective of cycling

Tonight I am sharing the photography of Ryan Muncy. Ryan has a unique style and eye for the sport of bike racing. A racer turned photographer, he has an artist's eye for capturing the race in a way you might not typically see in main stream media. A local photographer in Denver, you can follow more of his work at Facebook Ryan Muncy Photography.

For those of us familiar with Ryan's work - including many local racer's around Denver/Boulder - we can recognize an image as Ryan's within seconds. His style and the gear he uses is unique. For local photographers, we often have fun with remarks like "look this is my Ryan shot."

Ryan Muncy   Photo © By Karen at Pedal Dancer®
JJ Haedo  Photo © Ryan Muncy
Chris Froome  Photo © Ryan Muncy
Mic Rogers  Photo © Ryan Muncy
Lachlan Morton and Thomas Dekker  Photo © Ryan Muncy
Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen  Photo © Ryan Muncy
David Zabriskie and Lachlan Morton  Photo © Ryan Muncy
This year's trophy   Photo © Ryan Muncy
Team RadioShack Leopard Trek  Photo © Ryan Muncy
Chris Baldwin laughing  Photo © Ryan Muncy
Axel Merckx  Photo © Ryan Muncy
Jens Voigt  Photo © Ryan Muncy
Andreas Kloden  Photo © Ryan Muncy
Team RadioShack  Photo © Ryan Muncy
Team Saxo Bank Tinkoff  Photo © Ryan Muncy
Initial Press Conference  Photo © Ryan Muncy
Chris Froome  Photo © Ryan Muncy
Peter Sagan  Photo © Ryan Muncy

Team Presentation of Argo Shimano  Photo © Ryan Muncy
More Race Photography:

Please also see the amazing work of Ryan Wallace from the 2013 USA Pro Challenge: Ryan Wallace Photography of the USA Pro Challenge. Ryan is truly one of my favorite photographers.

And more photography from the 2013 USA Pro Challenge: Photography of Chuck Parsons

The photography of Laurie Valaer may be seen here: USA Pro Challenge 2013 - Results Stage 2, Aspen - Breckenridge Colorado. I really enjoy Laurie's eye for photography.

I was very happy to encourage and feature these four photographers during the tour. I aspire to learn more from each of them.