09 May 2011

Very sad day for a family

Terrible Crash at the Giro d'Italia
It is hard to think of anything other than a young 26-year old man lost his life suddenly on a road in Italy today. How can we think of tomorrow or the future when all we should have been thinking is that the sudden gap in news meant that a family was being contacted today about their son. So terribly sad for his family and girlfriend expecting a child.
Belgian cyclist Wouter Weylandt killed in Giro d'Italia crash
Leopard-Trek [and Quick-Step] mourns Weylandt
'His best years were still coming'

"Wouter was one of the kindest, funniest, and most admirable people I have ever had the opportunity to know" ~ Tyler Farrar
“For all of us, Wouter was a friend before he was a colleague. We remember him as an honest man, always available with a smile on his face and forever generous towards the next guy." ~ Quick-Step Cycling Team