03 May 2011

Quote of the Day - Robert Penn

"It's not a lot of money for the loveliest thing I've ever owned."
 ~ Robert Penn, author of It's All About the Bike

I recently read an article by BikeSnobNYC that posed the idea that a person should earn the right to ride a nice bicycle. I held my breath while reading the article in the magazine, trying to wish away the crazy notion. If it were true - I would be in big trouble. This is my 5th season on my loveliest thing I have ever owned bicycle; I will never give it up. Nor will I ever rise to it's level of coolness. Period. 
When I do get another bike, how could I possibly go down in quality, even though my riding ability might be heading in that direction. So I am wondering if there is some sort of sticker-decal that I could apply to be dismissed from this rule. I would be willing to go with a public display labeling me as "bike > rider"- simply because it is true.  Or perhaps we could all accept the fact that ANYONE would ride the best bike they could, if they could.
If I was able to drive a really hot fast car - do you think my lack of driving skills would keep me from it? No. I would attempt to improve my driving skills, and I would smile during every mile of my learning experience, happy if I never actually got better. This is how I think of a nice bike. Smiling during the experience.
To put it is more soluble terms. I calculated that I have now paid about $0.60 cents a mile for my bike. And every day I go out and ride, that bike just gets cheaper and cheaper. Excellent entertainment value I would say. That really expensive car I mentioned above, would have cost me about $20.00/mile for the same number of miles, and a lot more gas, more speeding tickets, and a lot of insurance.
Just let me enjoy my fabulous bike with it's beautiful fast wheels that propel me forward and upward. I take good care of it, I treat it right, and I ride it. It is the loveliest thing I have ever owned. Well that bike and those great pair of shoes!
PedalDancer's real bike:
Although this is still my official PedalDancer.com team bike (in my mind worth every penny):
Want to see what the Pros ride?  2011 ProTeam Bikes Do you think any of them think for a moment my bike is better than me. No, so who cares, ride what you got!