20 May 2011

Quote of the Day: Nick Nuyens & Ted King

"Bernie, remember - go slow" ~ Nick Nuyens to Bernhard Eisel
as Eisel approached the start gate just ahead of Nuyens at the Individual Time Trial of Stage 6 Amgen Tour of California today in Solvang, California. Bernhard Eisel (HTC-Highroad) gave a quick playful smile in response to Nuyens (Saxo-Bank), and the crowd of fans joined him in a laugh.

Bernhard Eisel laughs at Nick Nuyens
My second favorite Quote of the Day: 

"Yes, I'd like some baked goods, a sandwich, and Dorito chips" ~ Edward (I am Ted) King (Liquigas-Cannondale) to the soigneurs who greeted him immediately after the Time Trial, when they asked him, "would you like something to eat?" Can you blame him - the entire town of Solvang smells like one big streusel
Ted King after the ITT in Solvang 2011
What a great day, I have hundreds of pictures from today that I will be sorting through and posting very soon. It was a FUN day at the Tour!