24 May 2011

The men behind the camera

Anyone else notice the fantastic scenery at the Tour of California?
We kept saying, wow, they must be using some special lenses to make everything look that good. I heard that Versus had imported a number of very skilled cameramen to cover the 1-week stage race and I'm glad they did.
Let's thank the men behind the cameras for a job well done! 
I came across them as they got off their motorcycles after the final finish in Thousand Oaks. They were celebrating by giving each other high fives. They were so happy.

The men who filmed the Amgen Tour of California
Could you do this?
This is definitely not a California license plate. They even import the motos.
To read about the cameras mounted on the rider's bikes, read:
Tour of California Tech: ProTeam POV cameras By Nick Legan ~VeloNews
all Photos by PedalDancer.com