19 July 2010

I'm on Vacation in France!

From the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean

I am in Provence! Yup, I left Girona, Spain and headed to Provence. I simply caught the vacation bug and kept following my fancy. I snuck out of Girona on a quiet Sunday morning. I again saw many pro bike kits on the road and could easily see all the choices for riding in the area. Within a 30 minute drive north along the coast, I was here, having a morning cafe! This was heaven:

I dare not mention the location of this wonderful beach, but it is at mile marker 13, in Spain, south of those touristy towns at the edge of the France/Spain border. I am now thinking that where ever I find myself within the first 1 hour of the morning - should probably be my destination for the day. Keep it simple. The water was so clear, I went in. Look at these pictures:

 Then I continued north up the coast:

I arrived for the night at my new location of Roussillon in Provence, France. A totally unplanned destination on this trip. I am starting to really like Booking.com for last minute reservations (a site discovered not by me, but by Jeannine, my French friend). This is my 4th trip to Provence. Other than my first trip in 2001 with my brother and sister-in-law, this is my second best trip to the area.