21 July 2010

Back in Pau

This area feels like home to me now
I know just where to go for gas, for groceries, for free wi-fi. I went into my favorite bakery and bought a jambon sandwich for tomorrow, a breakfast item, a chocolate, and a very tiny cake for tonight. I might go into Pau to our favorite pizza place tonight. I am about to drive the small road back into the farm, which I love, it is next to what we have nicknamed the Thomas Voeckler Road behind the farm (because one looks funny when one climbs the road on a bike).
Just now on my way into Gan, I passed Bob Stapleton, owner of the HTC-Columbia team out for a ride. I then passed a group of Team Garmin-Transition riders. It looks to me like they are busy doing their VIP ride with the team on rest day rides. I bet I could sit out on the road and watch the riders come and go. 
I left 35C weather in Provence to arrive into a low cloud with sprinkles and 18C temperatures in Pau. Brrrr. It could be cold tomorrow for the Tour de France. 
 The bull was in the lower field