13 June 2013

I speak menu

Advanced skills in translating any menu

I don't really speak French, nor do I really speak Bahasa Indonesia, or Thai, or Spanish, or Italian, or any other language I have given time to studying and attempted to use to communicate.

But when it comes to food - I am a master at deciphering any written language on a menu.

Perhaps it has been my years spent reading cookbooks as if they were novels, or understanding basic food pairings, but most likely my skill level is based on pure desire to survive. I get hungry. The only thing that stands between me and a delicious plate of food - is a menu, and a foreign language.

Menus are my friends no matter the language

Photo of the Day: Power lunch in France

This photo was taken by my brother Mike who last week repeatedly rode up and down Mont Ventoux and understandably built up quite an appetite. This menu was posted in the window of a restaurant in Malaucène (near Bedoin). If the items on this menu are good enough to fuel The Cannibal (Eddy Merckx), they certainly are good enough to get a cyclist back to his gite after climbing Mont Ventoux.

Do you speak menu?
You could enjoy a Merckx Meal Sport Menu for 13€. But since that is over $17 for an omelet, my brother returned to his gite in Crestet for his recovery meal.  Photo © By Mike for Pedal Dancer®
When the menu becomes more complex, advanced advanced menu language skills are needed - these sometimes include the willingness to "eat anything," which I am usually up for, except when traveling in Indonesia or Belgium where I have learned that "anything" isn't always such a good idea.

This is definitely one of those "eat anything" menus with a healthy dose of bravery needed.
I would like the lamb with chard please and a glass of rose wine, I already rode my bike this morning. Je voudrais l'agneau de blettes et un verre de vin rosé s'il vous plaît, j'ai déjà roulé ma velo ce matin.   Photo © By Karen for Pedal Dancer®

A few other menus that have delighted on my bike rides

This menu board was located at the cafe at the top of the Col d'Aubisque, where I celebrated my birthday last year with the sausages, potatoes and a salad for €9.50. The view was worth even more.

  Photo © By Karen for Pedal Dancer®
Here is another menu I came across after riding in Summit County (Vail Pass) last June when I rode smack dab into the Frisco BBQ Challenge, which happens to be going on again this weekend: 20th Annual Colorado BBQ Challenge June 13 – 15, 2013.

Imagine if English was not your first language and you tried to guess how and who had pulled a pig. Or what a drumstick was, or a hot link, or why anyone would want to eat only bones.

Photo © By Karen for Pedal Dancer®
Some friends and I will be riding near Frisco this weekend and we have plans to stop by the BBQ event which fills Main Street in the town of Frisco, Colorado. Always interested in who is on the podium, I will be looking for the top three winners from 2012:

Overall Frisco BBQ Challenge winners 2012
 First Place  Q Pig BBQ
 Second Place  Fly Boy BBQ
 Third Place  Golden Toad

American Barbeque at its best. Now that is a big barbeque!  Photo © By Karen for Pedal Dancer®
A plate of barbequed meats in Frisco last year. I'm guessing this person was not about to ride Vail Pass.  Photo © By Karen for Pedal Dancer®

This is one unusual post ride meal, I am not sure I could take this on after a long bike ride. As much as this may look like a meal fit for The Cannibal, I think he knows best with that Menu Sportif above.