28 June 2013

Hanging with Jens, James and Frankie in Corsica

Anyone else want to be in Corsica right now?

There is something about the 3 days preceding the Tour de France that is so exciting and so much fun.

I just wrote my lengthy post on How to Watch the Tour de France but skip through all that and head straight to the Tour Talk videos with Frankie Andreu and James Startt. These two banter and talk over each other as if you are with your cycling buddies.

In this video James and Frankie had a (very well staged) surprise visitor from a rider now riding his 16th tour de France who states that he has spent nearly 300 days of his life racing the Tour. Tune in daily for more race predictions (filmed after each stage) for the next day's stage. Sure to entertain, and maybe surprise.

Watch video here: http://bcove.me/um988b63

Which reminds me ...

How do you pronounce his name?
Jens Voigt: Yens Vokedt (close to evoke with a little t at the end, closer to vote than voit)