18 July 2011

Word of the Day: Repos

Repos = Rest
Today is the second rest day of the 2011 Tour de France. Which is not to be confused with dormir - to sleep. Or sursis - reprieve. There will be lots of sleep for the riders today, but there won't be a reprieve from the many interviews they must give with creative twists to predict the future. No one really knows what will happen dans le futur. But I hear Contador might show his form in the Alps, and Thomas Voeckler might loose his yellow jersey, and Team Leopard Trek will be behind Andy and Frank, and Cavendish will struggle in the mountains. 
I'm glad it is a rest day. A day for the riders to eat, ride a ride a bit, rest their achy parts, visit with friends, call family, and use their phones and gadgets as much as they want. If you are a TDF fan and in the area, get out and ride - you will likely see the teams out on the road. This is the only day, when you might actually be able to keep up with them on a bike. Or sit at a cafe and watch the comings and goings, trying to recognize riders out of their lycra. Or be a groupie and hang outside a team hotel, not seeing a whole lot. Or simply walk around town and look at all the staff members feeling a part of things in their team logo apparel. 
Rest means to récupérer les jambes (legs), with an added dash of jouer (play).