18 July 2011

Word of the Day at the TDF: le frère

le frère (brother) 

After watching this video of Frank and Andy at the 2011 Tour de France, Stage 7 - Frank and Andy Schleck (by OzCycling), and watching the brothers work repeatedly together in stage after stage of the Tour de France this year, I pause to reflect on brotherhood. There is a bond between those two, that we all witness, that becomes palpable when they are together. As a fan it is of course very nice to see, but having them together also adds a level of suspense or emotion to the race. When one falls how does the other react? When one bonks, when the other excels. It is as if we are given immediate feedback into the emotions of a cyclist simply by looking at the brother. 
Le frère = brother. fraternité = brotherhood
There are actually a number of brothers in the pro peloton, although Fränk and Andy Schleck might be the most well-known and the only pair of brothers in the Tour de France this year. Let's take a look at la famille of professional cycling. The brothers on professional cycling teams:
Brothers in the Pro Peloton
Fränk and Andy Schleck 
Names:  Fränk René, Andy Raymond 
Ages: Frank - age 31, born 5 April 1980. Andy age 26, born June 10, 1985
Ht,Wt: Frank - 6'1", 143lbs, Andy - 6'1", 149lbs 
Country: Luxembourg 
Pro Team: both brothers ride for Team Leopard Trek (both are at the 2011 Tour de France)
Websites: http://frankschleckofficial.com/, http://andyschleckofficial.com/  
Jens Voigt interviews Fränk and Andy on being brothers  on Bicycling.com
Video: a little Frank and Andy attitude, this old one of their brotherly love
Brothers on podium a Tour first

Peter and Martin Velits
Names:  Peter, Martin (twins)
Ages: Peter - twins, both are age 26, born February 21, 1985.
Ht,Wt: Peter - 5'10", 152lbs, Martin - 6'1", 154lbs
Country: Slovakia
Pro Team: both brothers ride for HTC Highroad (only Peter is at the 2011 Tour de France)
Websites: http://www.velits.net/

Juan José and Lucas Sebastián Haedo
Names:  Juan José (JJ), Lucas Sebastián 
Ages: Juan José - age 30 born January 26, 1981. Lucas Sebastián - age 28, born April 18, 1983. 
Ht,Wt: Juan José - 5'8", 159lbs, Lucas Sebastián - 5'8", 140lbs
Country: Chascomús, Argentina 
Pro Team: both brothers ride for Saxo Bank-Sunguard (neither are at the 2011 Tour de France) 

Allan and Scott Davis
Names: Allan Howard, Scott 
Ages: Allan age 30, born 27 July 27, 1980. Scott age 32, born April 22, 1979.
Ht,Wt: Allan -  5' 8", 160lbs, Scott - 5'7", 130lbs 
Country: Ipswich, Queensland 
Team: Scott Davis retired from Team Astana in October 2010, Allan remains on Team Astana (not at the 2011 Tour de France)

Andy and Ben Jacques-Maynes
Names: Andy, Ben 
Ages: twins both brothers are age 33, born September 22, 1978 
Ht,Wt: Andy - 6'0", 170lbs, Ben - 6'1", 165lbs
Country: California, USA
Team: Bissell Pro Cycling (US Continental team)

If anyone knows of any other brothers who race together - please let me know.

And now, a thanks to my own brother Michael (Straw, Mike, Miguel, Michel - he has a lot of names). For all the times I have followed his wheel . . .
or ridden side by side - (below on the Col du Galibier, and Alpe d'Huez)
and all the loading and unloading of bikes he has done for me over the years - 
Anyone up for a ride with their brother? ... I forgot the Meyer brothers!!

Update 08/02/11: I just came across this good blog post by PedalingtheRoad created on July 7, 2011, Brothers in le Tour