07 November 2010

The Tour Hag

My sister-in-law is a crazy fan of Professional Cycling
Over the years Suz has traveled to the Tour de France, Dauphine Libere, Giro d' Italia, Tour de Suisse, Tour of California, and probably a few others. She is the fan that knows all the tricks. She knows the names, the history, recognizes all the riders, knows how to jump the barriers, and somehow scores the schwag. Suz has the personality to make the riders laugh with her comments and friendliness. She is also not shy about getting her photo with the riders, which has resulted in some great Fan Pictures over the years.
In honor of my sister-in-law Suz, who is a Physical Therapist, and has helped me tremendously these past 3 weeks as I recover from a broken pelvis - I give you Suz:

and some other guys
George Hincapie
Christian Van de Velde
Chris Horner
Erik Zabel
 Mark Cavendish
Frank Schleck
Iñigo Landaluze 
with Mr And Mrs Landaluze on top of Mont Ventoux
 Fabian Cancellara

 Alberto Contador

"Johan honked" - Suz at the Tour of California in Santa Barbara 2009

Okay so she had some bad taste in cyclists over the past 10 years -
Floyd Landis
but she had a lot of fun!
Suz being a fan at the 2005 Tour de France on Plat d'Adet 
and being a TDF fan in Montpellier, France
Suz with Phil Ligget, Paul Sherwen and me at the Bulldog Coffee Shop in Solvang, CA in 2009
Suz gets a smile from Johan Bruyneel and Dirk
and she married a great guy, my brother Straw
Thanks Suz!
Suz is currently training our nephew Kenny to follow in her footsteps ... the next post will be a progress report on Kenny learning the ropes ..... it is worth waiting for

* Post post note: I forgot to mention, Kenny grew up calling Suz MOAS (Mean Old Aunt Suz), they have a special bond those two. 
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