09 November 2010

A Cycling Fan in training

Kenny's excellent adventures
My nephew Kenny took up road cycling 5 years ago when he became a triathlete. He is now a much better triathlete (a Pro), and a much better cyclist. Along the way he also became a fan of professional cycling. Learning the ropes from his Aunts (Aunt Suz, Aunt Me) and Uncles (Uncle Straw, Uncle Pete), Kenny has been having lots of fun. It has also taught him to be more open in speaking to fellow athletes and fans at his own competitions. I give you Kenny, the next generation:

and some other guys:
Mark Cavendish
Jens Voigt
Chris  McCormack - okay he deviated to a triathlete
Johan Bruyneel
David Zabriskie
Kenny is only beginning his career as a cycling fan, there will be much more to come ....