19 November 2010

Who's Who of Cyclocross

I liked this list of European cyclocross riders

I told a friend the other day, I'm always looking for a new good wine. I am also always looking for a new good cyclist to follow. I enjoyed reading through this list by Podium Cafe of the latest greatest Cyclocross racers from Europe.

The ABC of CX: a who's who of the European cross peloton, by tgsgirl on Nov 18, 2010 (be sure to check out the ridiculous picture at the bottom of the article)

I am hoping I will find more of an interest in the CX racers from Europe, because honestly Jeremy Powers does nothing for me as a fan. Tim Johnson is amazing to watch on a bike, but a bit monotone. Although I enjoyed watching his 9ball diaries very much. Every time I see Ryan Trebon I am reminded of the animated character in the movie Triplets of Belleville. Don't you think it looks like him?!

Meanwhile I am heading to a local CX race tomorrow, should be interesting.
My list of Who's Who in (Road) Cycling continues to grow, check out who is on which ProTeam for 2011 at: Who's Who in Cycling Wednesday, October 6, 2010