12 October 2010

Bike Rides and Bike Races across the USA

A good resource for bike rides and events
A couple weeks ago I had the travel bug big time. I wanted to go somewhere - with my bike, of course. By October in Colorado, if you don't race cyclocross you're nobody, this nobody wanted something else. Something else means elsewhere. I happened upon this website for cycling sports done en masse in locations across the United States. For those who want to ride or race bikes in winter but maybe in the southern States where there is no snow on the ground (unless we're talking cyclocross again in which case snow is supposedly a good thing):
Here it is, a nationwide real bike event list PreRace.com
Located on this one race event website, organized by sport, state, or month, you can locate road events, road races, mountain bike races, track, and cyclocross races. I was eying the century ride in sunny Santa Barbara, California. But instead ...
I decided to go mountain biking in 70 degree weather Moab, Utah!