22 October 2010

Such an interesting day

There were so many things that captured my interest today
I'm not sure what the most interesting story of the day was. Perhaps Alexander Vinokourov not being required to pay the fine for his doping violation in 2007 and proving the UCI “Riders’ commitment to a new cycling” to be a sham, or Franco Pellizotti destroying the concept of biological passports, or Alberto Contador being openly welcomed to race a Criterium in Spain while on supposed suspension for doping. Those three news stories combined made me realize that this crack down on doping is broken beyond repair. 
I found some comfort in the new holiday flavors for Cliff bars being announced which included Iced Gingerbread and Cranberry Orange Nut Bread. And I loved reading about Jens Voigt officially joining the Luxembourg Pro Cycling Project and riding once again with Andy Schleck and Franck Schleck. Jens always makes me smile.
I did not enjoy the news this morning from my Doctor that the 2 MRIs I had yesterday showed 4 fractures in my pelvis and will result in 1 month of non-weight bearing recovery time for me.
I did thoroughly enjoy dinner tonight with my dear friends Sue Lloyd and Scott Christopher, whose two sons Drew Christopher and Michael Christopher (all excellent bike racers) made for us in my own kitchen. Drew and Michael cooked up what I think was one of the best meals I have ever had in Colorado! It was Magnificent. They fed me well, entertained me, made me laugh, and left both my stomach and my heart full. Thank you