23 January 2014

Photo for the Day - Chris Horner

What ever happened to Chris Horner?

Chris Horner (at the Tour de France) might be signing a new contract in the coming week(s).  Photo by Karen Rakestraw at Pedal Dancer®

How to win a Grand Tour and face forced retirement because you are asking too much money and people worry about your age. That has been the story of the months following Chris Horner's big victory at the 2013 Vuelta a España and his expectations of earning his initially desired for 750,000€ a year.

What a horrible way to possibly end a career. But do not fear, some team might want Chris ...
Trek Facotry Racing  nop
Euskaltel-Euskadi  nop
Team Alonso  nop
Caja Rural-Seguros RGA  nop
Christina Watches  nop
Lampre-Merida  ... maybe

News: Lampre riders watching with interest for possible Horner arrival, By VeloNews. And Chris Horner is balancing love and money, also by VeloNews. His potential new team Lampre-Merida is currently racing in Australia in this week's Tour Down Under; they won Stage 2 yesterday.

By this late stage in the game, I hope to see Chris Horner racing somewhere, even if it is for far less (might be -2/3 the salary) than his personal desire or worth.

“But maybe instead of signing for money, you’re signing for love,” ~ Chris Horner

Chris Horner might end up finally feeling the love in this jersey