31 January 2014

Photo for the Day - Computers

When tracking every pedal stroke is a passion

Chris Froome and Richie Porte with their power meters on a training ride in Snowmass, Colorado in 2013.  Photo by Karen Rakestraw at Pedal Dancer®
Seeing these two riders out for a training ride in Colorado in 2013 was such a thrill. Hi Chris, Hi Richie, was about all I could say.

And I tried hard not to run them over.

Wow, is that who I think it is! Yes it is!  Photo by Karen Rakestraw at Pedal Dancer®  click images to enlarge
Did you know that Team Sky switched from using SRM power meters to Stages Cycling power meters for 2014. Yes, Chris Froome, well-known to be quite attached to his SRM will have to trade allegiance because his team signed a new contract in 2014 with Stages Cycling.

Stages Cycling is a Boulder, Colorado, based company. They manufacture a light-weight affordable ($699-899) power meter located in the crank arm of the bike. I find it interesting that team SKY also uses the services of Training Peaks, another Colorado based company. SRM is a German company. Read more: Team Sky switch to Stages Cycling power meters for 2014, By Road.cc

For a team known for exacting details and optimizing every performance enhancement possible through technology and training, people will pay attention to the equipment used by this team. It can translate to big sales to amateurs who want to ride like the pros. Although I'd still like to know why Team Sky's water bottles are green - proof that not everything should be copied.

Securing a sponsorship contract for monitoring the power of arguably the most powerful professional team in cycling must have been a tremendous celebration at the home offices of Stages Cycling. It is also a tremendous responsible for the young company. Road.cc did a complete review of the Stages Cycling power meter, read it here: Stages Power meter. Here is Team Sky's announcement of sponsorship: Stages Cycling join team for 2014

Stages Cycling manufactures only the alloy left crank arm, you'll still need a bike computer and software for reading power output. Compatible with Shimano Dura-Ace, Ultegra, SRAM, BB30, FSA, read more about Stages Cycling technology here: accelerometer based cadence measurement

Stage Cycling power meter is that small adding only 20g to the base crank arm weight.
Photo from Stages Cycling website.

Cycling software

I came across this lengthy list of computer software recently shared by RoadBikeRider in their newsletter, the list was compiled by Canadian cyclist Darren Cope and groups many of the miscellaneous software applications or apps for cycling. The number is far more than I ever expected. Thankfully the writer gives us his review and opinions.

Check out the list of cycling computer software and apps here: darrencope.com/cycling-software