07 March 2012

Road Trip!

The year's travel adventures begin
I'm on a road trip from Colorado to California. Yesterday I visited my traditional rest stop on my journey west across Colorado - Utah - Nevada - California. I stopped at the well-known mountain bike Kokopelli's Trailhead, located just outside of Fruita, Colorado (west of Grand Junction). And yes, there were mountain bikers coming and going along the trails. 
Kokopelli's Trailhead, Colorado
I'm traveling again
As my friend Wilma wrote to me yesterday, "Traveling is the one thing in my life I wish I could do more." I believe she speaks for many of us. 
This blog will take on a more personal tone in coming weeks as I again write about my travel adventures over 3 weeks in California and then 12-days in Belgium being a fan at the Tour of Flanders and the Paris-Roubaix, with a quick visit to Italy tucked in between the two races. 
Remember the origins of Pedal Dancer began when I had friends who traveled to Belgium to see the Classics in April 2010. It expanded when I wrote about my 5-week trip to France in July 2010 for my family back home in the USA. I am grateful to my family who makes all my journeys possible and to my friends who fuel my desire. Also for my mobile work, and to my boss, who happens to be my brother - an understanding avid cyclist, cycling fan, and world-wide traveler.
True blog writing will resume, mixed in with posts about the Classics and other races. And Bikes.
When I tell friends "I am going to the Classics in Belgium," most reply, "Oh I have always wanted to go!" Those same friends who had been to the Classics (mentioned above) were kind enough to offer many tips to make my trip even better. There was of course the one friend who sincerely wrote, "Are you coming thru [my town]?? we could meet for lunch or dinner or something... before I strangle you and bury your burned body in the desert... remember our pact about giving each other shit when traveling?..  you've crossed the line!!  THREE WEEKS!!!! then Belgium???? I hate you!!!"
For all these levels of kindness, and inspired by a picture I sent to a friend yesterday,  I will be tweeting (from @karenrake) random photographs from my travels titled - "Wish you were here." Come along on my journeys, I truly Wish you were here!