31 March 2012

Big Day tomorrow

Where should I be?
I think this question should be posed as where will I be? In a maze of parcours and fans I will be happy simply seeing any part of the race. It might be more likely the Kwaremont, and less likely the Paterberg or the Koppenberg. Although the Paterberg had fantastic atmosphere and the Koppenberg is a wonderful place to be. The Kwaremont might be a VIP zoo, but the access is much easier. I'll let you know how it went ....
©Photo by PedalDancer.com
©Photo by PedalDancer.com
©Photo by PedalDancer.com
This sign means that 10% of the population of Belgium might be out on the roads on Sunday until at least 6:00pm. This race is a big deal in Belgium and I am thrilled to be here for it.
©Photo by PedalDancer.com

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