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12 March 2012

2012 Pedal Dancer Team Bike

My new custom designed Pinarello Dogma2
Every year (all 2 of them) I design a new team bike for the Pedal Dancer crew (that would be me). This year I just discovered this fun online tool to design your own custom Pinarello Dogma2 bike. Remember how I designed my own custom Pedal Dancer Ridley bike in 2011? Well here is my new 2012 custom Pinarello; markedly understated from my 2011 bike: (click image to enlarge)
2012 Pedal Dancer Team Bike
I also added many more pictures and text to the previous post I did on Pinarello Bikes, so check it out again at: Pinarello Dogma2 from March 5, 2012.