15 June 2011

It is not called the Tour of Colorado

The name was taken 
I wanted to call this blog the CokeNikeApple blog, but the name was taken. Even though I was more than willing to write about drinking coca-cola, wearing nike shoes, and eating an apple. But it was a no go. I also had aspirations of creating a cycling tour company in France and wanted to call it the Tour de France, a name which I thought perfectly described my business plan, but I understand that name was taken as well. What the heck? 
Sorry all you folks who think "they should have just called it the Tour of Colorado," because they can't. The name is taken. The Tour of Colorado is already an event in Colorado and has been since 2005. The name Tour of Colorado is Trademarked by Sand Creek Sports. Tour of Colorado is a series of existing Colorado races. The Tour of Colorado is not one event but a combination of the points tallied for several different races in Colorado. The organizers have nothing to do with the UCI pro race in Colorado in August 2011.
Among your friends you may call the new pro race in Colorado anything you want, but officially you need to say the title in all it's ever changing lengthy glory USA Pro Cycling Challenge for Millennium Promise (although I would remain open to other possible name changes in the future).
http://www.usaprocyclingchallenge.com/ the official race website, although they have (had !) the most obnoxious music and voice on the homepage video! Visit this page instead to read more about the race, I promise I have no music on the USA PRO CHALLENGE. After a reader emailed me yesterday to offer a kind compliment, I have been newly inspired to map out some bike ride suggestions located by each stage of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. Now that I have completed the daunting pedals post I am ready for a new challenge.