15 April 2011

What would Jens Do?

Jens would say thank you
Of course it would be Jens Voigt to step up and say thanks to the fans two days ago after he participated in the Tour of the Basque Country. Jens is a rider that gets involved. He speaks his mind, talks the talk and walks the walk. At age 39 he continues to earn the respect of the fans and the riders (he is an elected riders' representative on the UCI ProTour council, for the Cyclistes Professionels Associés).

What would Jens Do? Demonstrate respectful behavior as a sponsored athlete. He is a true professional. Plus who wouldn't want to be a buddy of Jensie?

Here is Jens Voigt's thank you letter to the fans published on Biciciclismo.com: Carta de agradecimiento de Jens Voigt para los aficionados del País Vasco
Velonews translates part of the letter for us: Voigt wrote: “My first win as a professional rider was in the Tour of the Basque Country in my first professional year back in the year 1998. I was still in the blue and white team kit from “Team Gan” and this victory changed my cycling career for the better. It was also the first time I had the good fortune to experience the passion and fairness of the Basque fans.I remember it well. It was a very cold and rainy day, and you still showed up for the finish and the podium ceremony in large numbers.And probably there and then I fell in love with the Basque Country and the people living here. Every year after that, when my team got an invitation to the race, I signed up for the Tour of the Basque Country. I just love it, even though it’s one of the hardest races you can find on the calendar in terms of the terrain and quality of the peloton. Regardless, I just love to come back. … Thank you, my beloved Basque fans!”

Jens Voigt at the Tour of California 2010  Photo by: PedalDancer.com
Jens Voigt at the ITT in Los Angeles 2010  Photo by: PedalDancer.com
Jens Voigt (on the right), Tour of California 2007  Photo by: PedalDancer.com
What would Jens Do? - every year he gives us more answers to this well-phrased question.