14 April 2011

You got something to say?

I made a mistake 
Finally, after one year, I have figured out that my comments buttons were crossed when they should have been dotted. So after a year of writing 335 blog posts, only a few select insiders were able to post comments on my blog. You might think that was intentional on my part to allow for my creative juices to flow free of criticism in my youth of blog writing, but really I just did wrong. Sorry Mom I really did want to hear your comments.
All this time and I could have benefited from someone letting me know where the best baguette was, about the time they too went around a traffic circle 10 times in France, about their own close encounters with horse flys in the Pyrenees, why they too want to try to hug Cadel Evans, and where I could have picked up those VIP passes. Darn, I missed out. Sorry if you did too.
Now that my skin has toughened (and my ability to correct typos has improved), I have opened the flood gates to comments, hoping it will instead be a gentle trickle. Be kind to me, I am having fun learning.