19 December 2010

Best part of the off season

Sunday Morning and NFL Today 

I love Sunday mornings at home. Reading the New York Times newspaper spread across the couch, and listening to the interesting cultural stories on CBS Sunday Morning
Then the TV flows into the NFL Today show. That is right, I love listening to the opinions and predictions of these well-known retired football players and a retired coach. I welcome the 30-40 degree Colorado winter temperatures outside, as these familiar voices mingle with the smell of fresh coffee and fill my home with comfort. I don't miss those 4 hour Sunday bike rides so much. It is winter in Colorado.
The banter between James Brown, Dan Marino, Bill Cowher ("Coach"), Shannon Sharpe, and Boomer Esiason is wonderfully entertaining.
I have dreams of returning to weekend snowshoeing with my dog soon. I might wait on the backcountry skiing this year and instead find new motivation to truly get myself on that old bike on the trainer set-up. It has been nine weeks since my fall mountain biking and I have set the crutches aside. Yesterday was my first trip to the market without crutches. As I unloaded my groceries at the check-out counter, the check-out person said, "my you look incredibly fit". I looked at him in shock, jaw dropped, and then with genuine gratitude beamed, "Thank you, this is my first day without crutches in 9 weeks. I guess resting on the couch is good for fitness". We laughed.
So there you go, so much for the typical New Year's resolution of getting back to a workout program. All I know is rest and Sunday morning TV - and Christmas cookies, are excellent for healing. I recommend all three highly.