04 December 2010

Andreas' excellent adventure

All I want for Christmas is to hang out with these guys 
Andreas Kloden is on vacation in Dubai, well actually he is at training camp for 8 days, but from where I sit it looks like vacation. In fact it looks like an excellent adventure. The best part of following someone on twitter is when they travel. (I could really care less what they eat, or how far they swim). But following someone's journey to another land is like escaping from my small neighborhood in Denver and being there with them. This week Andreas Kloden (of Team Radio Shack) is on vacation with his good friend Jan Ullrich. I wish I was on vacation with Jan Ullrich. 
Here is a snapshot of their recent adventures:
First you meet your friends at the airport (and don't forget your phone)
You bring your lightest bike, because, you know, you are riding with your friends
It doesn't have to be team issued, only light weight
But you still have to wear your team kit
You get on your bike and start riding - somewhere
And then after the ride, you go shoe shopping with the boys
And then you convince someone else to dress like you (but ride a heavier bike) and go out and ride again the next day
Now that you have bonded, you go home to watch camel races live online
And get all wild and crazy with the locals
Now this is the day when I arrive on vacation with Klödi and Jan
I say why ride when you can just keep going out on a boat?
Okay now we're talking motivation to get out and ride a bike
I'm liking this vacation so far
Just hanging out in Dubai,
with Andreas Kloden and Jan Ullrich
You can look back at Andreas Kloden's tweets from October 2010 when he was in the Maldives - oh the memories, that was a good one too. 
Of course I did not take any of these pictures, Andreas Kloden did, but I wish I had. I took liberty on the narration (as you probably already guessed).

Meanwhile the new Team Geox-TMC is in Cantabria's Hoznayo for four days of training camp at the Villa Pasiega hotel. And the Garmin-Cervelo Team are at training camp in the Cayman Islands - rough life. But for this vacation I chose Jan Ullrich over Jonathan Vaughters.  Garmin-Cervelo: Days three and four at Cayman training camp

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